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List the six steps in the Group Decision Making Through Needs Clarification Model.
  What will be an ideal response?

Question 2

The manager's job is to _____, _____ and _____ employee motivation. Which of the following answers is incorrect?
  a. channel
  b. manipulate
  c. understand
  d. direct
  e. none of the above

Question 3

Performance appraisal requires that managers take on the role of a _____.
  a. interrogator
  b. therapist
  c. coach
  d. friend
  e. all of the above

Question 4

In the creative process, the stage that involves reflective thought, where one's subconscious mind continues to mull over the problem and combines unrelated thoughts is _____.
  a. verification
  b. preparation
  c. illumination
  d. incubation
  e. implementation

Question 5

List and briefly explain the three types of decisions supervisor often make.
  What will be an ideal response?

Question 6

To motivate employees, managers should _____.
  a. link rewards to performance even though rewards may not be equitably distributed
  b. reward employees for behaviors that promote the organization's goals
  c. be sure that the reward is one that the organization deems valuable and rewarding
  d. answer choices a and c
  e. none of the above
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Answer to #1

1. Communicate the situation to the group. Openly discuss the need for a decision.
2. Brainstorm all possible decisions.
3. Evaluate the list of possible decisions.
4. Choose the best alternative.
5. Develop an implementation strategy.
6. Follow up.

Answer to #2


Answer to #3


Answer to #4


Answer to #5

 The autocratic decision is one that the supervisor makes on his or her own. He or she does not consult any-one, and accepts full responsibility for the consequences of the decision.
 The consultative decision is one in which the supervisor talks over the problem with another person, per-haps a more experienced superior. Two heads are frequently better than one when a serious decision must be made. It is foolish to make a poor decision on your own if an expert is available to help you make a better one.
 The third possibility is the group decision. The supervisor involves the entire staff in the process. This ap-proach would be the only acceptable process in a true team operation.

Answer to #6

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