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As a unit manager, you chair the unit meetings. For each meeting, you consider and establish the purpose of the meeting. Second, you prepare an agenda. Arrange the following steps in an order that would make the meetings productive and successful.
  1. Distribute an agenda.
  2. Distribute minutes.
  3. Select team members.
  4. Start on time.
  5. Keep the meeting focused and directed toward accomplishing the set objectives.
  Select the correct order from the following options:
  a. 1, 2, 4, 5, 3
  b. 4, 1, 2, 5, 3
  c. 3, 1, 4, 5, 2
  d. 3, 4, 2, 1, 5

Question 2

After several months of heavy patient loads in the Emergency Department and inability to secure sufficient and experienced staff, the department is especially taxed by a train accident that brings in many seriously injured individuals.
  You observe that Rama ignores the requests of several of the injured, even when time is available to care for them and is rude to two elderly patients. You are concerned that Rama is evidencing which state?
  a. Hardiness
  b. Depression
  c. Role ambiguity
  d. Depersonalization

Question 3

The education consultant at St. Joseph's Hospital is giving a workshop on cognitive reframing. The consultant explains that cognitive reframing reduces stress by:
  a. Aiding individuals in identifying positive stressors.
  b. Helping people realize that negative thinking causes emotional distress.
  c. Eliminating negative stressors.
  d. Replacing positive self-statements with negative irrational beliefs.

Question 4

Social stressors are considered a major factor in the stress nurses experience in the healthcare system. Which of the following is not considered to be a social stressor?
  a. High amounts of stress in the nursing home environment
  b. Changes in the current healthcare system such as nursing strategies
  c. Disruptive behavior coming from physicians and other healthcare workers
  d. Stress triggers such as self-criticism and overanalyzing

Question 5

A staff nurse approaches the unit manager and indicates to her that because of her father's death in the previous month, she is now finding it very difficult to do her work effectively. This would be considered a(n) ________ stress.
  a. Internal source
  b. Familial
  c. Burnout
  d. External

Question 6

Sources of occupational stress in nursing include all except which of the following?
  a. Authoritarian leadership
  b. Concern about moral wrongdoing by colleagues
  c. Multiple changes in a short time
  d. Rotating shifts

Question 7

Jeff, an RN in his 30s, has lost a parent, just purchased a new home, and is laid off with 6 months' severance pay. At the same time, Jerry, an RN in his 50s, is financially secure and is asked to take early retirement with a buyout.
  How will the two men react to the emotional and physical influences and the sequence of stress?
  a. The younger man will feel more stress.
  b. The two men may or may not feel the same amount of stress.
  c. The older man will feel more stress.
  d. Neither man will experience any stress.
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Answer to #1

Planning, organizing, and keeping the group on task are critical in ensuring that meetings are productive and that time is managed well.

Answer to #2

A characteristic of burnout is depersonalization, a state characterized by distancing oneself from the work itself and developing negative attitudes toward work in general (Greenglass et al., 2001). Depersonalization is commonly described as a feeling of being outside one's body, feeling as if one is a machine or robot, an unreal feeling that one is in a dream or that one is on automatic pilot. Generally, subjective symptoms of unreality make the nurse uneasy and anxious. Nurses pushed to do too much in too little time may distance themselves from patients as a means of dealing with emotional exhaustion.

Answer to #3

Cognitive reframing is a therapy that aids individuals in discovering that their irrational thoughts can be replaced with responses that are more rational. It enables individuals to gain a sense of control over the situation and can change I'll never ... to I can ... or She always ... to Sometimes she ... . It is an approach that allows individuals to replace negative thoughts and statements with others that are more realistic and helpful.

Answer to #4

Personal stress triggers such as self-criticism are considered intrapersonal stressors; environmental factors such as change, work environment, and interactions with others are considered social stressors.

Answer to #5

External stress is outside and removed from the work setting, but it is considered work-related stress because of the impact it has on the worker.

Answer to #6

Ethical distress, complexity compression, rotating shifts, high acuity levels, rotating shifts, and workload are all sources of work-related stress for nurses.

Answer to #7

The response to similar stressors does not always result in a similar experience of stress in individuals. Responses are mediated by the appraisal of the event as well as by factors such as gender, personality, lifestyle, and age.
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