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What is the difference between a citation and a reference? Why are both important to proper documentation in a report?

Ques. 2

A number of widely used reference styles are available for documenting the sources of information used in report writing. Identify two widely used reference styles and tell where one can obtain information on how to use them correctly.

Ques. 3

Why can citing electronic sources be challenging? What is the best advice for citing electronic sources when you are unsure about the required format?

Ques. 4

Which of the following is FALSE concerning the Purdue OWL site?
 a. The site contains examples for citing references in APA style only.
  b. The site contains examples for citing printed sources.
  c. The site contains examples for citing electronic sources.
  d. All of the above are true.

Ques. 5

Which of the following does NOT provide assistance when using MLA referencing?
 a. MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers
  b. MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing
  c. OWL website developed by Purdue University
  d. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association

Ques. 6

A reference list at the end of the paper that includes sources that provided information but did not result in citations is called
 a. References
  b. Works Cited
  c. Bibliography
  d. Resources
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Answer to #1

A citation identifies a source in the text body of the report whenever quoted or paraphrased material is used that should be attributed. The citation only includes limited information so that the reader can look up the details of the reference on the References page at the end of the report. The References page is an alphabetic listing of all the works mentioned in the citations throughout the paper. All necessary information for locating the reference is included in each entry on the References page.

Answer to #2

The APA and MLA styles are widely used for documenting references. The APA was developed by the American Psychological Association, that produced a style manual and offers a website that supports the referencing style. The MLA style was developed by the Modern Languages Association, who also publishes two printed manuals and offers a website for further support. The Purdue OWL website provides information and examples for using both styles.

Answer to #3

Electronic courses can be challenging to cite because the reference information and the way it is presented varies from one type of source to another. While the ordering of elements varies from one citation method to another, the elements to include are fairly consistent: (1) author; (2) date of publication; (3) title of article and/or name of publication; (4) electronic medium; (5) volume, series, page, section, and Internet address; and (6) date of retrieval. It's generally better to include too much than not enough when preparing any citation.

Answer to #4


Answer to #5


Answer to #6

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