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4 years ago
Which kind of software tool would a teacher choose in order to develop a test item bank?
  A) data analyzer B) item analyzer C) rubric generator D) test generator

Ques. 2

All of the following are examples of how technology tools support assessment and evaluation except
  a. Online surveys
  b. Digital portfolios
  c. Hard copy portfolios
  d. Student response systems

Ques. 3

Learning assessments should occur at which of the following points during lesson design, development and delivery?
  a. Only after the lesson is completed
  b. Only before the lesson is begun
  c. Only while the lesson is in progress
  d. At all points before, during and after the lesson

Ques. 4

Which of the following describes how active learning and metacognitive thinking support constructivist teaching?
  a. Teachers at the high school level focus on preparing students for college and careers.
  b. Teachers incorporate into their lessons students' preexisting knowledge about a subject or topic.
  c. Teachers utilize repeated practice where students memorize and demonstrate their knowledge of a subject.
  d. Teachers at the elementary level focus learning on skills to prepare students for success in middle and high school.

Ques. 5

Notebook and ActivStudio are examples of what kind of software tool?
  A) web page development software B) online student response systems C) interactive whiteboard activity software D) interactive data analysis software

Ques. 6

These allow students to receive instant feedback on their use of vocabulary and verb tenses as they practice their written English.
  A) automatic translations B) multimedia programs C) grammar check programs D) handheld word generators

Ques. 7

Technology tools give teachers support they need in order to meet this challenge while still proceeding with regular classroom instruction.
  A) give individual attention to each FL student B) provide translations so they can understand ELL students C) meet widely-varying needs of ELL students D) provide FL practice tailored to each student's needs
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4 years ago
Answer to #1

D) test generator

Answer to #2


Answer to #3


Answer to #4


Answer to #5

C) interactive whiteboard activity software

Answer to #6

C) grammar check programs

Answer to #7

C) meet widely-varying needs of ELL students
4 years ago
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