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Mr. Cardot has been using a behavioral approach to motivation in his second grade classroom. He gives stickers for completing assignments, for answering questions correctly, and for other things like working quietly. He recently noticed that none of his students could answer questions about the setting of a story, but he had taught lessons about the setting and discussed the settings of several stories. Now that he is revisiting the setting, his students don't remember what they learned. What advice would you give Mr. Cardot about his approach to motivation?
  What will be an ideal response?

Ques. 2

Which of the following strategies is LEAST likely to build student interests and curiosity in the subject.
  a. Mr. Brown relates content objectives to his own experiences in his science class.
  b. Mr. Varner incorporates students' personal interests into his literature class discussions.
  c. Ms. Whiteside uses humor and personal experience to illustrate concepts in social studies.
  d. Ms. Fox uses the actual notes and diagrams drawn by inventors when she teaches history.

Ques. 3

Mr. Jacobs has noticed that his students often act bored during social studies activities. In order to increase positive achievement emotions and decrease boredom, he should do all of the following EXCEPT:
  a. match the challenge of tasks to the students' skill levels.
  b. use performance goal orientation to encourage students to focus on the outcome.
  c. show enthusiasm for the subject and encourage students to enjoy working on the task.
  d. allow students to choose among several activities that focus on the lesson content.

Ques. 4

Think about students' needs in the classroom. Based on studies, which of the following high school teachers is most likely to have students with greater conceptual learning and higher school attendance?
  a. Mr. Delaney weaves personal experience stories into every lecture. Even if the stories are not relevant, they are entertaining.
  b. Mrs. Mason expects her students to be in their seats with their books open when the bell rings every day.
  c. Ms. Romine gives clear instructions and plenty of advance notice for the book report students will present to the class next week.
  d. Mr. Andrus allows his students to choose among three types of projects they will do as a culminating activity in the history unit.

Ques. 5

Based on the following attributions, which student is most likely to be motivated to choose more difficult academic tasks?
  a. Marla believes her failure in the chemistry lab was caused by her lack of preparation.
  b. Duke said he didn't study for the algebra test. He said he's just good at math.
  c. Camille said she made the highest grade because she was lucky enough to get the easier version of the test.
  d. Stan thinks he failed the literature test because he cannot read and understand poetry.

Ques. 6

In Maslow's hierarchy, what are the deficiency needs?
  a. Belonging, survival, self-esteem, self-actualization
  b. Survival, cognitive, belonging
  c. Survival, safety, belonging, self-esteem
  d. Belonging, cognitive, safety

Ques. 7

Mr. Darnell walks around the classroom monitoring students as they work on the new skill of adding fractions. He stops at Ada's desk and praises her effort and persistence. Ada has been struggling to understand fractions, but is using the manipulatives to try to get the right answers. Her answer is wrong, but her explanation of her process is on target. Why does Mr. Darnell praise Ada even though her answer is wrong?
  a. He views intelligence as stable and believes Ada needs to try even when she cannot succeed.
  b. He holds an entity view of ability and knows Ada needs encouragement.
  c. He holds an incrementalview of ability and believes Ada can improve.
  d. He views intelligence as uncontrollable but wants Ada to stay engaged.

Ques. 8

Which type of goals is most likely to enhance motivation and persistence?
  a. Goals that are easy to reach
  b. Goals that are difficult to reach
  c. Goals that can be reached fairly soon
  d. Goals that are vague and easily altered

Ques. 9

Which of the following students appears to demonstrate performance avoidance goals?
  a. Deon skimmed the chapter quickly and decided on a few comments he could make during group discussions tomorrow. He doesn't want to look stupid when his group meets and starts to discuss the new material.
  b. Lanea works the problems as quickly as she can. She wants to be the first student to complete the assignment in math.
  c. Deloris struggled with one of the science questions. She read and re-read the section of the chapter dealing with the concept. She's a perfectionist and doesn't want to make a mistake on her homework.
  d. Ron is taking French and got into a study group with two of his friends. They both do well in every subject, and he thinks they're cool. He likes to hang out and have fun stumbling over French pronunciations.
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Answer to #1

Suggested Response: Mr. Cardot is using a behavioral approach with stickers for rewards. This type of extrinsic approach is not the best approach for long-term learning. Mr. Cardot's students are most likely working for the stickers rather than working to learn. Mr. Cardot might try an approach to motivation that taps into students' interest in learning and focus on the learning goals rather than the stickers. If he uses a social cognitive approach, he will provide reasonably challenging tasks, provide support for students to help them succeed with the tasks, and help students see the value of the learning. By designing authentic tasks, he will increase the probably that students will be intrinsically motivated to learn and that they will be interested and remember the learning.
Text Reference: What Is Motivation?

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