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Which of the following statements reflects the likely reason that so many veteran teachers resort to authoritarian methods when students exhibit disruptive behavior?
  a. Students do not respond well in the face of interventions that they perceive to be implemented by teachers who are non-confrontational.
  b. By the time they notice a student misbehaving, teachers are often so angry that they bypass methods they perceive as soft in favor of more severe ones.
  c. Authoritarian methods have been shown in research studies to result in longer-lasting behavior change.
  d. Teachers tend to rely on the strategies that are most familiar to them  the ones that were used when they themselves were students.

Ques. 2

Some teachers might have the help of subject-area and instructional specialists, but most schools expect teachers to have a well-developed classroom management philosophy, as well as workable ________ strategies.
  Fill in the blank(s) with correct word

Ques. 3

Students most commonly assume that learning is evidenced by
  a. how much or how little they are enjoying the material under study.
  b. how much assistance they require as they master new material.
  c. their grades, particularly in relation to those of their peers.
  d. whether or not they advance to the next grade level each year.

Ques. 4

If you teach in a school that has adopted a specific classroom management model, you probably will have to:
  a. adjust your philosophical thinking to meet the expectations of the model.
  b. ask the principal to form a committee to consider changing the classroom management model.
  c. adopt the model (because you do not have any choice) and subtly do whatever you think is best for you and for your students.
  d. encourage others to adopt Coloroso's Inner Discipline, the only model proven by research to be effective.

Ques. 5

________ or the teaching and managing of special needs students in regular classroom settings also should be considered as you develop your management philosophy.
  Fill in the blank(s) with correct word

Ques. 6

Mr. Zhao, a veteran teacher with 20 years of experience, says to you, There is just no hope for these kids today. They're disrespectful and non-compliant, and they have terrible attitudes. When I try to tell them to stop yakking and get busy, they become resentful, and when I tell them not to get snippy with me, they get even angrier. Since you are a good classroom manager, you think to yourself,
  a. It sounds as though Mr. Zhao is taking an authoritarian approach with a student population who finds that sort of control to be offensive and almost abusive.
  b. Mr. Zhao has apparently gotten a really difficult group of students, and the school administration should be investigating ways to move students around so there are fewer problems in his class.
  c. Most of the students probably have a behavioral, emotional, or cognitive disability. I'll bet Mr. Zhao went through his teacher education program long before they taught teachers how to address those issues.
  d. Mr. Zhao thinks that he's being firm, but the students don't perceive it that way. Their parents probably yell at them and get right in their faces until the students comply. Mr. Zhao should attempt to discipline them in the ways that are familiar to them.

Ques. 7

Which of the following concepts is NOT supported by Wlodkowski's and Ginsberg's model based on the theories of intrinsic motivation?
  a. establishing inclusion
  b. exercising rights
  c. engendering competence
  d. enhancing meaning

Ques. 8

When working with students with disabilities, the main priority of the teacher should be
  a. to motivate the student.
  b. meeting the goals for the student's IEP.
  c. working with the parents and family.
  d. making the student feel accepted.

Ques. 9

Effective classroom managers usually:
  a. use classroom management procedures that reflect their philosophical beliefs.
  b. think about their classroom management procedures and why they use them.
  c. take into consideration our schools' increasingly diversity.
  d. consider all of the above.
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