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Which one of the following is a consideration related to an assessment instrument's practicality?
  A) What the instrument assesses
  B) What the instrument's name (e.g., intelligence test) says it assesses
  C) How easy it is to administer
  D) How consistent students' performance is from one time to the next

Ques. 2

Modeling can be a very effective teaching strategy. Choose a specific behavior you might teach your students through modeling. Then describe how you would take into account the four conditions essential for students to imitate modeled behaviors.
  What will be an ideal response?

Ques. 3

Mr. Marquez seems morose at lunch. When you ask him why he's so down, he says, Because after lunch, I have to teach about the Revolutionary War, and I just hate teaching about it This has to be the most boring subject ever invented.. Mr. Marquez needs to
  a. maintain a public face of enthusiasm and engagement, no matter the material, because a teacher is always supposed to be a cheerleader.
  b. be careful that his own lack of enthusiasm for the Revolutionary War doesn't spill over onto his students, or keep him from teaching the material thoroughly.
  c. make sure the principal doesn't hear him, because this kind of comment is unprofessional and inappropriate.
  d. relax, because the Revolutionary War is a really interesting topic.

Ques. 4

Which of the following statements about the benefits of cooperative learning is false?
  a. Students generally possess the social skills necessary to make cooperative learning successful, and most of the time teachers will just need to remind students of effective group behavior.
  b. Research suggests that high-achieving students benefit from constructing explanations for their peers, and lower-achieving students benefit from their peers' explanations.
  c. Well-crafted cooperative learning activities include both group goals and individual accountability.
  d. Cooperative learning can facilitate not only academic growth but also motivate increased student independence.

Ques. 5

In a study of 405 high school juniors, students who spent more time paying attention to their teacher scored higher on their end-of-grade tests. This fictitious study is an example of what type of study?
  A) A descriptive study
  B) A correlational study
  C) An experimental study
  D) A qualitative study

Ques. 6

Madeline turns in a paper to you that is sloppy and halfway done. You call her over to ask her about it, and she says, Well, I finished it on the school bus on the way home yesterday, and that's why it's messy.. The best response on your part would be to say,
  a. Oh, that was clever of you, and it makes sense now why the work is so messy. Next time, be sure to complete the whole assignment, though..
  b. Homework is called homework because it's supposed to be done at home, not on the school bus. If I wanted you to do it on the bus, I'd call it bus work. You're going to have to do this again, and from now on, I want you to wait until you get home to do any work..
  c. I suppose I can accept it like this just this once, but from now on, don't be so messy..
  d. I can see why you'd want to do your homework on the bus  it saves time and shows that you're being responsible in completing your work. Unfortunately, this work is of poor quality, and you'll need to revise and resubmit it; remember, I am looking for strong effort in your homework..

Ques. 7

Mr. Jacobs wants to find out whether a new program for teaching physical education promotes students' physical development. So he gives his students a number of tests before they begin the program (pretests) and the same tests again after they have been in the program for eight months (posttests). He finds that the students' posttest scores are higher than their pretest scores and so concludes that the program is effective. What is definitely wrong with Mr. Jacobs' conclusion?
  A) Eight months is too short a time for such a program to have a long-term effect.
  B) There are other possible explanations for his results.
  C) Tests are not a good measure of physical development.
  D) The posttests should always be different from the pretests.

Ques. 8

Mr. Cooper wants to motivate his students to do well on their classwork, especially the work that involves preparation for the end-of-grade tests his students will take. He hits upon what he thinks is the perfect motivator: each day, he'll give students a mini-test with twenty questions, and he'll give one piece of candy for each correct answer a student gives. His system is likely to be
  a. ineffective, because (1) his rewards will be too easily attained to be meaningful to most students and (2) he will have to keep up with which students answered which items correctly, and count out the corresponding number of candies.
  b. ineffective, because some students will never get any candy.
  c. effective, because the system (1) encourages individual student effort and rewards it accordingly, and (2) involves the use of tangible reinforces, which have been shown to be more powerful than praise.
  d. effective, because students need to have some reason to work hard in class and many won't even try if there is not a tangible reward forthcoming.

Essentials of Educational Psychology: Big Ideas To Guide Effective Teaching

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Answer to #1


Answer to #2

The response should identify a classroom behavior that can realistically be taught through modeling. It should also include an explanation of how the following four conditions are taken into account:
 AttentionThe response should include some means of capturing students' attention.
 RetentionThe response should include some way of helping students remember what they observe.
 Motor reproductionStudents must be physically capable of executing the behavior.
 MotivationStudents must have a desire to demonstrate the behavior.

Answer to #3


Answer to #4


Answer to #5


Answer to #6


Answer to #7


Answer to #8


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