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Q: What type of music do you study to?
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2 (16.7%)
Rap / Hip-hop
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Electronic / Pop
1 (8.3%)
2 (16.7%)
I don't listen to music while studying
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3 months ago
When I was in college, I always worked more efficiently listening to dance music while doing my math homework. However, when it came to writing essays, I preferred complete silence. More many of us, music that is soothing and relaxing helps us beat stress or anxiety while studying. Background music may improve focus on a task by providing motivation and improving mood. In fact, during long study sessions, music can aid endurance.

Comment below to tell us your music strategy when it comes to studying. What type of music fits best with which field of study?
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3 months ago
I listen to classical music all the time when I study; I believe it really helps. I believe lyrics are your enemy, they will distract you. If you can tolerate opera, that might be OK, but if you can understand the lyrics, they will take away your focus.

Mozart is supposedly the best for the brain. I would pick any Mozart symphony. Actually, any symphony by any composer would be just fine. They are relatively nondescript in their sound, so they should just accompany your studying, not distract you.
A week ago
Want to support the previous comment. I haven`t found something more useful than classical music during the studying. Every time when I need to write a paper or make a presentation, I go to YouTube and start to listen to classical music. 15 minutes of Bach or Horner is totally enough for the full refreshing and concentrating on work. It is a moment when I feel a great inspiration together with the readiness to create something really unique. Classical music is a personal space for my imagination. I never know where it will lead me and what will be the final outcome of my project.

Apart from classical music I used to listen to different sounds of nature online, especially the rain. It helps me to concentrate on solving the tasks and add more motivation to complete the issues. Highly recommend everyone to check.
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