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Case Study

As cancer registrar, the cancer committee chairman at your hospital in Napoleon, Ohio, has requested that you create a presentation comparing cancer statistics in the state of Ohio for the year 2015. She wants comparisons among the counties represented by Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, and Marietta, along with your own county. You will use the Cancer County Profiles data from Ohio Department of Health website to gather this data.

1. Determine the top three cancer sites by county based on number of cases. Create a table that illustrates this data.
2. Create a bar graph to compare st.louis's top cancer site incidence rate to the other counties, the state, and the nation for the same site.
3. Create a graph that appropriately compares the percentage of early and late diagnosis stage for Henry County’s top cancer site with the state and national rates.
References: 2016. Ohio County Map with County Seat Cities.
Ohio Department of Health. 2016. 2015 County Cancer Profiles.
CDC - Cancer Data and Statistics.
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