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Is there anything special that should be taken into consideration with fixed quantity meds in the
hospital setting?
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2 weeks ago
In the hospital setting, dispensing fixed quantity meds is a little simpler than in the community pharmacy setting. Often, just one container size of a med is stocked, and when a patient’s supply is depleted, a nurse will reorder a new supply. For example, if a vial of insulin is dispensed to a patient, the vial will be used until it is gone or the beyond-use date is reached (whichever comes first), and then a new one will be reordered by the nurse so that a new vial is sent to the patient care unit for the patient.

Keep an eye out for fixed quantity meds that are reordered more frequently than expected. These meds can be misplaced, the labels with patients’ names can fall off the containers, and they can be left behind when patients are transferred. Do your best to troubleshoot so that extra vials, bottles, inhalers, etc. don’t clutter patient care units. Affix labels with patients’ names according to your pharmacy’s policy, so they aren’t discarded with the outer wrapping of these meds. Also, make  sure to label fixed quantity meds such as inhalers and insulin vials with beyond-use dates as appropriate
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