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Question 1.

Briefly summarize the two views of the value delivery process that may be followed by organizations seeking to gain business from consumers.

Question 2.

The firm's success depends not only on how well each department performs its work, but also on how well the various departmental activities are coordinated to conduct core business processes.  List and briefly describe the five core business processes outlined in the text.
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Answer 1

The traditional view of marketing is that the firm makes something and then sells it.  Companies that subscribe to this view have the best chance of succeeding in economies marked by goods shortages where consumers are not fussy about the quality, features, or style.  If abundant choices are present, this view does not work well.  Another view emphasizes the organization's role in the value delivery process.  Strategic and tactical marketing are used to choose the value, provide the value, and communicate the value to consumers and channel partners.  Marketing is moved to the first part of the delivery process.

Answer 2

The core business processes include (1) the market-sensing process—all the activities involved in gathering market intelligence, disseminating it within the organization, and acting on the information; (2) the new-offering realization process—all the activities involved in researching, developing, and launching new high-quality offerings quickly and within budget; (3) the customer acquisition process—all the activities involved in defining target markets and prospecting for new customers; (4) the customer relationship management process—all the activities involved in building deeper understanding, relationships, and offerings to individual customers; and (5) the fulfillment management process—all the activities involved in receiving and approving orders, shipping the goods on time, and collecting payment.
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