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Q: Will Donald Trump be re-elected in 2020?
8 (12.9%)
6 (9.7%)
Not sure
3 (4.8%)
Total Voters: 17
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A month ago
I know it's too early to call, but predicting our next president is almost like a betting on the lottery; albeit the odds of getting it right are little better! The least we could do is get an idea of what students (mainly those who use our site) think the outcome might be.

Since our audience mainly consists of people between the ages of 18 to 24, this should give us a rough estimate of what we're to expect from millennials. Keep in mind, however that the US population is aging – with 15.6% older than 65 – so don't expect this poll to predict the outcomes perfectly because you never know what could happen between now and 2020!

Also, don't forget to share your thoughts below ↓
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