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Question 1.

Identify and define the six forms of evidence used in criminal trials.

Question 2.

Identify and explain the hierarchy of the federal court system.
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Answer 1

Direct Evidence, Circumstantial Evidence, Real Evidence, Testimonial Evidence, Demonstrative Evidence and Material Evidence. Direct evidence is evidence that proves a fact without the need for the juror to infer anything from it. Circumstantial evidence is evidence that indirectly proves a fact. Real evidence is any tangible item that can be perceived within the five senses. Testimonial evidence consists of verbal statements given by someone who is under oath. Demonstrative evidence is evidence that seeks to demonstrate a certain point (e.g., drawings and illustrations). Material evidence is evidence that is relevant and goes to substantial matters in dispute, or has legitimate influence or bearings on the decision of the case.

Answer 2

The federal court structure consists specifically of three courts. Federal courts try cases involving federal law. The lowest courts at the federal level are so-called district courts. District courts conduct most of the initial proceedings in criminal cases, conduct trials of certain criminal misdemeanor cases, and conduct trials of civil cases with the consent of the parties. At the next level are the U.S. courts of appeals. Each is charged with hearing appeals from several of the district courts that fall within the circuit. Finally, the U.S. Supreme Court is the highest court in the federal system.
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