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Naithi O_Rea Naithi O_Rea
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3 weeks ago

I am new to the forum. Good to be here.

I am a science teacher/science nerd and I have been meaning to get my own dissecting microscope for years.

As with so many other things, the choice is very daunting. I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations?

I just want to look at different things... lol... like bugs and leaves and materials, and pond water, and whatever i can think of.

Is there any difference between say one that is 2OO bucks verse... you know 1,OOO. I think I would like to be able to take pictures with it.. maybe to show a class different things, and maybe project it on a class projector if possible.

I was thinking I wouldn't mind spending a good amount, because I am sure I'll get plenty of use and I'll have it forever, but was kinda wondering the difference in quality between the expensive and cheap.

Would love to hear from you guys!.

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3 weeks ago
Hi Naithi

My favorite one is the AmScope SE306R-PZ Forward Microscope.


It has a switchable 2X and 4X objective lens, which offers 20X, 40X and even 80X magnification levels with excellent optical clarity. You also get upper and lower illumination.

Another recommendation is the SWIFT S41-20 Microscope:


Best of luck Slight Smile
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