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A month ago
Can someone please help me complete this lab Thank you!!!

Please see images below
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A month ago
Hi bunnyliv

Is it possible to copy-paste the questions?
bunnyliv Author
A month ago
George’s family was very concerned about his health. George was lethargic and just wanted to sleep all the time. He was losing clumps of hair and his skin and nails were becoming dry and brittle. His family noticed an ever-enlarging growth on his neck. George consulted his family doctor, who determined that George’s symptoms were related to a malfunctioning thyroid gland.

The following questions are based on the doctor’s investigation of George’s symptoms.

Question 1

Identify the hormones produced by the thyroid gland.

Question 1 options:

Thyroxine and iodine

Calcitonin and thyroxine

Iodine and c-cells

Calicitonin and iodine

Question 2
(already answered)
Just by looking at George, measuring its heart rate, and discussing why George came to the office, identify the hormone that the doctor thought was most likely responsible for its condition.

Question 3

Select all the symptoms that may have led the doctor to suspect that George was suffering from a thyroid hormone deficiency.

Question 3 options:

high blood pressure

heart reate is through the roof

Aggressive behaviour

Weight Gain (Is George pudgy?)

Lack of energy/tiredness/sluggishness

Hair loss

Low pulse rate that the doctor may have measured

Use this additional information to answer the following questions:

A sample of tissue was taken from George’s thyroid gland, and a stained section was prepared for viewing under the microscope. This was compared with a similarly prepared section taken from a healthy human. Drawings of parts of these sections are shown below.

Question 4 (already answered)
Choose the most correct answer for the following question.

What is the function for the central cavity of the follicle?

Question 5 (already answered)
What is the tubular structure that is labled X?

Question 6 (already answered)
Why is there so many tubular structures in thyroid tissue?

Question 7

Using the drawings, match the descriptions according to whether it is healthy thyroid tissue or the thyroid tissue of a sick human (George). Please see image

Question 7 options:

nuclei in the follicle cells are rounded

Central cavity is fuller, rounder and bigger

nuclei in the follicle cells are elongated

follicle cells are smaller

Sick human (George) thyroid tissue

Healthy human thyroid tissue

Question 8 (already answered) See image for context
The doctor hypothesized that George may be suffering as a result of a lack of iodine in his diet. Why is this element required for healthy thyroid function?

Use this additional information to answer the following questions:


The doctor set up a diagnostic test for George in which he received a low dosage of radioactive iodine compounds. The results of the levels of radioactive iodine in his blood were then compared to the levels of radioactive iodine in the blood of a healthy human. The results are shown in the graph below.


Question 9

Write the hypothesis that the doctor is basing their treatment on. (Use an If/then statement) Remember that this is from the doctor's perspective and George has yet to be treated. All the doctor has are the symptoms.

Question 10

What was the purpose of giving a healthy human radioactive iodine compounds in this experiment?

Question 10 options:

To see how sick the human would get

To act as a control or a baseline

So it could be monitored

Question 11

Do the results shown in the graph support the hypothesis?

Question 11 options:



Question 12

Explain your answer as to why the results shown in the graph support the hypothesis.

Question 13 (already answered)
Suggest why the graph for the healthy human rose after approximately 2 days.

Question 14

What would be a good treatment which would enable George to recover?

Question 14 options:

Increasing iodine in the diet

Thyroid pills taken orally

Keeping up with the radioactive iodine injections

Increasing iodine in the diet and perhaps supplementing it with an iodine pill while monitoring the iodine levels.

Thank you!!

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