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4 years ago
Exercise 7: Respiratory System Mechanics: Activity 2: Comparative Spirometry Lab Report
Pre-lab Quiz Results
You scored 100% by answering 5 out of 5 questions correctly.
1. A normal resting tidal volume is expected to be around
You correctly answered: d. 500 ml.
2. Which respiratory process is impaired the most by emphysema?
You correctly answered: c. expiration
3. During an asthma attack
You correctly answered: b. inspiration and expiration are impaired.
4. During moderate aerobic exercise, which respiratory variable increases the most?
You correctly answered: a. tidal volume
5. Inhaler medications for an asthma patient are designed to
You correctly answered: b. dilate the patient's bronchioles.

Post-lab Quiz Results
You scored 100% by answering 5 out of 5 questions correctly.
1. Which of the following respiratory values represents a decreased flow rate during the obstructive lung disease(s)?
You correctly answered: c. FEV1
2. Calculate the ERV of an individual with the following respiratory volumes: TLC = 6000 ml, FVC = 4800 ml, RV = 1200
ml, IRV = 2900 ml, TV = 500 ml.
You correctly answered: d. 1400 ml
3. Calculate the FVC of an individual with the following respiratory volumes: RV = 1000 ml, IRV = 3000 ml, TV = 500 ml,
ERV = 1500 ml.
You correctly answered: b. 5000 ml
4. What is the largest volume for the normal patient?
You correctly answered: a. IRV
5. What happened to the RV for the emphysema patient and the asthmatic patient?
You correctly answered: d. It increased for both patients.
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