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4 years ago
What are some stated advantages and disadvantages of privatization? What do available    studies report regarding its efficacy?
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4 years ago
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•   Advantages: the prominent free-market argument, such as that proffered by the Reason Foundation, which states that private prisons deliver significant cost savings and equal or higher levels of quality when compared to government-run correctional facilities; Reason found that private prisons outperformed, or were equal to, their government counterparts in 16 of 18 studies conducted since 1989.
•   Disadvantages: there is no guarantee that standards will be upheld; no one will maintain security if employees go on strike; the public will have regular access to the facility; there will be different inmate disciplinary procedures; the company will be able to refuse certain inmates or could go bankrupt; and the company can increase its fees to the state. One study found that the private prison contributed to a higher probability that inmates would be involved in overall misconduct than those in the BOP comparison prisons. The private prison also had the highest probability of drug misconduct. In sum, the performance of the private prison was generally less favorable than the performance of the BOP comparison prisons.
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