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How might augmented reality (AR) and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) function and be used in law enforcement?
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7 years ago
•   UAVs:
•   A low-flying UAV could patrol a given stretch of road, looking for high-speed offenders; images could be sent to a monitor in a patrol car along with the vehicle’s rate of speed, direction of travel, and GPS coordinates, which can be map overlaid for the officer on the ground.
•   Could also provide real-time reconnaissance, surveillance, and target-spotting in a variety of situations
•   AR:
•   Real-time language translation, along with data on cultural customs and traditions
•   Real-time intelligence about crimes and criminals in the patrol area
•   Facial, voiceprint, and other biometric recognition data on known criminals
•   Integration of chemical, biological, and explosives sensors that detect local contamination
•   Accessibility of scalable, three-dimensional maps (with building floor plans, utilities systems, and so forth), including the ability of police SWAT officers to use advanced optics to zoom and use thermal and infrared imaging to locate fleeing criminals, as well as distinguish friend from foe and reduce or eliminate friendly-fire casualties
•   Speaker-recognition technology for investigative personnel to accurately match voices against those of known criminals and lip-read from a distance
•   Thermal imaging to improve interrogations by indicating the truthfulness of suspects’ statements to police and corrections personnel
•   Video feeds for supervisors from personnel on the street or prison so that they can determine what their personnel are seeing in real time and monitor the physical status of their personnel during critical incidents
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