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7 years ago
I don't think it has to do with the math, but I find some things in the class very abstract. I liked mechanics in that the physics was more applicable to things that are experienced first hand in everyday life. I guess I'm posting this because I'm stuck on my homework assignment and getting frustrated.

My professor doesn't do a good job explaining, although mixed with my lack of effort, I'm not doing well in the class. I've never had trouble with the computational side of math, although some of the integration set ups for Biot-Savart Law and Ampere's Law sometimes seem vague. I'm just hoping that this nightmare ends with a B soon enough.

So what do you think of this subject?


Circuits are probably the easiest topic in this course.
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7 years ago
I'll have to admit that I struggled with it a little bit.  I think much of the trouble is related to intuition, just like you said!!  Since we can't see electric charges (unless they jump a gap like a spark, or lightning), and we can't see electric or magnetic fields, we don't have experience in dealing with them everyday, and they don't make quite as much sense as kinematics.  You've been throwing baseballs etc. for many years, and you understand the trajectories they form, you understand that when you throw harder they go faster, higher, farther... it makes intuitive sense.

With electrical phenomenon, for most people it's a new set of thought processes.  Most people do not go around measuring the magnetic field at the center of a solenoid, etc.  But there are things that you can relate, for example, scuffing your feet on the rug, or petting the cat causes a transfer and related accumulation of charge, which causes a potential difference (voltage), which causes a sudden charge flow (current) when you touch a doorknob, etc.

I got better at this subject with a little practice, but I agree, circuits are easier.

Good luck!!
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