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5 months ago Edited: 5 months ago, oem7110
It seems to me that certain part of brain are activated with specific function, which does not occur on normal people. Is there any scientific research on this issues?

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Post Merge: 5 months ago

I find another interesting video, and would like to know on how many different types of Genius under scientific categories, this one is Math calculation, and the previous one is Telepathic, another types of classified genius..

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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5 months ago
Keep in mind that intelligence is largely genetics. It's quite possible the arithmetic genius has a gene passed on to him that allow his neurons to develop faster than other kids his age. In terms of telepathy, scientists haven't been able to prove it ever. Notice in the video the boy guesses 8, then the next number he guesses is 9. It's very natural to say 9 after you said 8 previously. There's also a possibility that since the mother is so close to her son, she has this natural feeling that her son can read her mind.

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