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singalingalin has been the champion of Avoider far too long.
Our most played game is Avoider.
Alexx has claimed the most records.
We have 87 games available to be played.
Guest scored 255 on Avoider
Guest scored 31 on Avoider
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Help Amigo Pancho get to the top. Use your problem-solving skills to keep the evil aliens from popping his balloons and destroying his dreams! Click to remove wooden boxes and planks without letting the deadly spikes make contact with Pancho or his helium.
View High Scores  Played: 134   Puzzles
Champion: Bobrocks1243
Highest score: 46187
Use the slingshot to launch your birds at the pigs stationed on or within various structures, with the intent of destroying all the pigs on the playing field. Submit your score any time after completing a level by clicking "Submit Score".
View High Scores  Played: 948   Puzzles
Champion: primoloko
Highest score: 526127
Aim with the mouse and shoot at the falling balls. Three or more balls of the same colour disappear. If the bubbles reach the end of the playing board, it's game over!
View High Scores  Played: 350   Puzzles
Champion: minniebrown
Highest score: 9620
Swap one gem with an adjacent gem to form a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more gems. Bonus points are given when more than three identical gems are formed. To submit your score, click the button to your right (language files are missing).
View High Scores  Played: 839   Puzzles
Champion: primoloko
Highest score: 33420
Gather bombs and avoid touching anything that moves. Grabbing the flashing extra lives will help, too.
View High Scores  Played: 246   Puzzles
Champion: primoloko
Highest score: 32400
Run around picking up bombs and coins but avoid skeletons and other dangers.
View High Scores  Played: 111   Puzzles
Champion: Alexx
Highest score: 562000
Destroy the cubes before they fall down the cliff! Click three or more similarly coloured cubes to destroy them. You can also blow up boxes of TNT to destroy large chunks.
View High Scores  Played: 167   Puzzles
Champion: Alexx
Highest score: 23702
Use the left and right arrow keys to dodge cubes. Press P to pause, Q to adjust quality.
View High Scores  Played: 1222   Puzzles
Champion: Bio_man2
Highest score: 746895
Line 3 or more jewels up to make them disappear and for new ones to fall into their place.
View High Scores  Played: 721   Puzzles
Champion: hyland1978
Highest score: 7457
Help Mario seek his princess. Points are awarded for finishing screens, leaping over obstacles, and completing various tasks.
View High Scores  Played: 484   Puzzles
Champion: CockMagic
Highest score: 18700
Guide the yellow monster through various mazes. Collecting coins increases your score!
View High Scores  Played: 72   Puzzles
Champion: doviekin
Highest score: 9550
Get the frog safely to his home while weaving through traffic and traveling across the dangerous river with alligators and disappearing turtles.
View High Scores  Played: 262   Puzzles
Champion: infin1x
Highest score: 10400
Help Mario make his way through the obstacles. Use your arrow keys to move and jump.
View High Scores  Played: 285   Puzzles
Champion: primoloko
Highest score: 2860
This tremendous puzzler will have you pushing and pulling blocks with your magnetic power. Create bridges and avoid enemies while finishing each level with as few moves as you can.
View High Scores  Played: 85   Puzzles
Champion: mastergrifin
Highest score: 9165
The aim of the game is to form as many groups of the same color of three or more balls moving.
View High Scores  Played: 127   Puzzles
Champion: biobabe
Highest score: 4920
Rotate pipes and let the water flow to the other side but don't allow it to crash.
View High Scores  Played: 85   Puzzles
Champion: Alexx
Highest score: 15412
Tilt and roll the hedgehog through 30 exciting rotating levels!
View High Scores  Played: 79   Puzzles
Champion: Bobrocks1243
Highest score: 55300
Control a cable car and safely deliver your people at their destination!
View High Scores  Played: 141   Puzzles
Champion: bio_man
Highest score: 11124
Drop the blocks in this classic tetris remake using tails knuckles and sonic the hegehog to battle robotnik.
View High Scores  Played: 106   Puzzles
Champion: Alexx
Highest score: 3170
Help chimp collect important items for his demanding boss.
View High Scores  Played: 67   Puzzles
Champion: Bobrocks1243
Highest score: 18232
Jump through green portals to collect the keycard and reach the exit in each level. Avoid mines, dodge bullets and shoot enemies in your way. Complete all 25 levels as quickly as possible to please the scientist who is observing you.
View High Scores  Played: 63   Puzzles
Champion: bio_man
Highest score: 16475
Points are scored for each block which comes to rest on the gradually collecting pile of blocks. Different blocks in different orientations score different points. the goal is to prevent the pile from reaching the top and ending the game. Whenever a row of blocks is completely filled, it is removed and all blocks above it drop down to fill the empty row.
View High Scores  Played: 1063   Puzzles
Champion: doviekin
Highest score: 41266
Classic Tetris.
View High Scores  Played: 124   Puzzles
Champion: Guest
Highest score: 2379
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