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Groove running from the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) to the pubic tubercle
A) anatomical snuffbox
B) midclavicular line
C) inguinal ligament
D) femoral triangle
E) linea semilunaris
Which layer of blood vessels contains smooth muscle tissue?
A) tunica media
B) tunica intima
C) tunica externa
D) tunica adventitia
Phlebitis is
A) cancer of the tunica intima.
B) a condition characterized by excessively leaky capillaries.
C) inflammation of a vein.
D) ballooning of an artery.
Wide leaky capillaries found in bone marrow and spleen.
A) continuous capillaries
B) fenestrated capillaries
C) metarterioles
D) sinusoids
E) none of the above
Three of the following are recommended strategies for getting students' parents involved in school activities. Which one is not recommended?
  a. Visit students' families at home if such visits are welcome.
Which branch (or branches) of the abdominal aorta supplies the stomach?
A) suprarenal arteries
B) celiac trunk
C) inferior phrenic arteries
D) superior mesenteric artery
The pulse of the facial artery is palpated
A) in the anterior triangle of the neck.
B) anterior to the sternocleidomastoid.
C) anterior to the auricle of the ear near the temple.
D) anterior to the masseter muscle at the inferior...
For which students with special needs are homogeneous cooperative groups sometimes recommended?
A) Students who have a variety of physical and sensory disabilities
B) Students with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
C) Students...
Most small molecules pass through a capillary wall through which route?
A) via pinocytotic vesicles
B) through tight junctions
C) through intercellular clefts
D) via direct diffusion through the endothelium
Which one of the following is the best example of expository instruction?
A) A laboratory experiment
B) A problem to solve
C) A textbook chapter
D) A classroom discussion
Which one of the following instructional objectives most clearly involves a higher-level cognitive process?
A) "Students will distinguish between momentum and inertia."
B) "Students will use the laws of momentum and inertia...
Francine failed her English literature exam. Given what attribution theory tells us about how students typically interpret failures, how is Francine least likely to explain her failure?
A) The room was too noisy during the exam.
B) She...
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