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Tony is a 12th-grade boy who is having trouble learning about anatomy. Seeing this, Tony's teacher has asked Gladys, a bright classmate of Tony's, to help him understand the concepts he's having trouble with. Deciding to have Gladys...
Pavlov placed meat powder in the mouths of dogs, and they began to salivate. The food acted as a(n) ________.
A) unconditioned stimulus      B) conditioned stimulus
C) unconditioned response      D) conditioned...
Which of the following pairs belong together?
A) marijuana; tetrahydrocannabinol
B) marijuana; psilocybin
C) marijuana; acetylcholine
D) MDMA; acetylcholine
What term do psychologists use to designate our personal awareness of feelings, sensations, and thoughts?
A) thinking
B) cognition
C) conscience
D) consciousness
Under what circumstances will a reinforcer make the target response more likely to occur again?
A) if it is a positive reinforcer
B) if it is a primary reinforcer
C) if it is a negative reinforcer
D) Any type of reinforcer makes a...
Thorndike was known for his work with ________.
A) monkeys      B) a puzzle box      C) modeling      D) a Skinner box
Cheryl is trying to teach her son to do the laundry by having him watch her. According to observational learning theory, to be effective what must occur?
A) Her son must be motivated to learn how to do the laundry.
B) Cheryl must show her...
A sleep disorder that may require the use of a machine to force air gently into the nasal passages is
A) sleep apnea.
B) insomnia.
C) narcolepsy.
D) cataplexy.
As the number of components in a system connected in a series decreases, all other things being equal, the reliability of the system usually:
A) increases.
B) stays the same.
C) decreases.
D) decreases, then increases.
Excess bags of basic commodities such as flour and sugar that are stored in a restaurant's kitchen represent which of the following wastes?
A) overproduction
B) defective product
C) queues
D) transportation
E) inventory
Lean operations are known for their:
A) supplier education.
B) employee development.
C) challenging jobs.
D) supplier partnerships.
E) All of the above are attributes of lean operations.
Which of the following is NOT a key direct benefit from effective internal or external scheduling?
A) greater use of assets
B) more dependable delivery
C) lower cost
D) added flexibility
E) higher quality
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