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One should avoid topping off their fuel tank because ________.
A) The extra fuel simply spills onto the ground
B) The charcoal canister may get dry
C) The charcoal canister may get saturated
D) The extra fuel goes into the...
To avoid problems with the variation of gasoline, all government testing uses ________ as a fuel during testing procedures.
A) TBA (tertiary butyl alcohol)
B) Xylene
C) Indolene
D) MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether)
What can be used to measure the alcohol content in gasoline?
A) Graduated cylinder      B) Electronic Tester      C) Scan tool      D) Either A or B
Which method of blending ethanol with gasoline is the most accurate?
A) Splash
B) In-line
C) Sequential
D) All of the above are equally accurate methods
Technician A says that at high altitudes, engines produce lower power. Technician B says that most engine control systems can compensate the air-fuel mixture for changes in altitude. Which technician is correct?
A) Technician A only  ...
Technician A says that the research octane number is higher than the motor octane number. Technician B says that the octane rating posted on fuel pumps is an average of the two ratings. Which technician is correct?
A) Technician A   ...
Technician A says that spark knock, ping, and detonation are different names for abnormal combustion. Technician B says that any abnormal combustion raises the temperature and pressure inside the combustion chamber and can cause severe engine damage....
Which of these symptoms may be caused by excessive ethanol in the fuel?
A) Poor AC performance
B) Late transmission shifting
C) Rough idle or stall
D) High idle speed
Reformulated gasoline contains at least ________ percent oxygen by weight.
A) 2      B) 1      C) Zero      D) 10
Adding up to 10% ethanol to gasoline can also increase the fuel's ________.
A) Color
B) Volatility
C) Temperature
D) A/F ratio
If regular-grade gasoline is used in an engine designed for premium gasoline, what might result?
A) Reduced engine power      B) Reduced fuel economy
C) Both A and B      D) Neither A nor B
Which of these is NOT a possible effect of using gasoline with alcohol additives?
A) Increased volatility
B) Reduced CO emissions
C) Increased octane
D) All of these can result from using alcohol additives
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