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The Great Reform Bill of 1832 resulted in
  A) a full-blown British democracy.
  B) increased royal control.
  C) more votes for the upper middle class than for the lower classes.
  D) a system...
What did the Ausgleich or Compromise of 1867 achieve?
  a. It created a loose federation of ethnic states within the Austrian Empire.
  b. It freed the serfs and eliminated compulsory labor services with the Austrian...
In addition to the establishment of the German Empire, the Franco-Prussian War led to the
  a. fall of Napoleon III's (Louis Napoleon's) government.
  b. Paris Commune, which became a powerful symbol of radical...
The Crimean War and the Franco-Prussian War were both the result of ________.
A) aggressive expansion
B) Prussian aggression
C) nationalist unification
D) imperialism
Which country provided critical military aid in the process of Italian unification?
A) Austria
B) Great Britain
C) Germany
D) France   
Which philosopher gave Karl Marx the idea of the dialectic?
A) Georg Hegel
B) Louis Blanc
C) Jeremy Bentham
D) Edmund Burke
What was the primary driving force in the revolutions of Belgium, Poland, and Italy in 1830?
  a. Nationalism
  b. Religion
  c. Racism
  d. Socialism
  e. Romanticism
The United Kingdom is an illustration of the fact that ________.
A) strong states do not need to be nation-states
B) nation-states were the first to industrialize
C) smaller nations are more democratic
D) liberalism and...
The works of Richard Wagner illustrate the intersection of ________.
A) romanticism and nationalism
B) imperialism and neoclassicism
C) liberalism and romanticism
D) conservatism and imperialism
The revolutions of 1848 in the Austrian Empire led to the ________.
A) ouster of Klemens von Metternich
B) establishment of the Austro-Hungarian Empire
C) breakup of the Austrian Empire into several different states
Who led the process of German unification?
A) Friedrich William
B) Otto von Bismarck
C) Friedrich List
D) Johannes Herder
A liberal revolt occurred in Spain in 1820, against the government of ________.
A) Ferdinand VII
B) Joseph Bonaparte
C) Charles V
D) Carlos I
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