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The structure of tumor necrosis factor includes which of the following?
 a. four helical segments
  b. only -pleated sheet
  c. both -helix and -pleated sheet
  d. four cysteine residues which form two...
Research indicates that students write better-quality essays when they use computers than when they handwrite the essays, but only if they are skilled at using a computer. If they aren't skilled, the quality of their essays is lower than when...
Explain why meaningful learning is so important. Include the relationship between meaningful learning and cognitive load in your explanation.
Larry learns about operant conditioning on Monday. On Friday his instructor starts to talk about cognitive theories.  A pop quiz on the following Monday is on cognitive theories, and Larry's understanding of operant conditioning confuses...
In working memory, the supervisory system that controls the flow of information to and from the other components is called:
A) the sensory register.
B) the central executive.
C) the phonological loop.
D) the visual-spatial...
According to a description of the model of human memory, we refer to the conscious part of our memory system as:
A) long-term memory.
B) working memory.
C) episodic memory.
D) sensory memory.
A music student misinterprets the line names of the bass clef because of his understanding of the line names in the treble clef. According to the model of human memory, which of the following is the most likely reason why the misconception...
Principles of cognitive learning theory most strongly emphasize which of the following?
A) Learners' emotions
B) Teachers' modeling
C) Learners' prior knowledge
D) Teachers' reinforcers
Which of the following best describes a model as it's used with respect to human memory?
A) A mental process that we use as a framework for thinking about human memory
B) A socially constructed process that we later internalize as...
Carter Motor Company claims that its new sedan, the Libra, will average better than 28 miles per gallon in the city. Identify the type I error for the test.
  A) The error of failing to reject the claim that the mean is at most...
A public bus company official claims that the mean waiting time for bus number 14 during peak hours is less than 10 minutes.
  Karen took bus number 14 during peak hours on 18 different occasions. Her mean waiting time was 7.5...
Ten high-technology batteries are tested for 200 hours each. One failed at 50 hours; all others completed the test. FR(%) is ________ and FR(N) is ________.
A) 25%; 1850 hours
B) 90%; 1/2000
C) 10%; 1/1950
D) 10%; 1/1850
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