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What assists the movement of substances by facilitated diffusion?
  A) ATP
  B) protein carrier or channel
  C) lysosomes
  D) aquaporins
  E) solute pumps

Osmosis transports water across membranes using:
B) solute pumping
C) aquaporins
D) sodium-potassium pump
E) vesicles
Passive processes that move substances across membranes:
A) utilize ATP
B) employ protein pumps
C) transport substances against their concentration gradients
D) require no ATP
E) include exocytosis and endocytosis
In order to break a disaccharide down into simple sugar units, ________.
  A) water molecules must be added to each bond
  B) water molecules must be removed from each bond
  C) carbon atoms must be added to...
Which of the following is NOT considered a nutrient?
  A) carbohydrates
  B) proteins
  C) water
  D) minerals
  E) vitamins

A client with hyperthyroidism is scheduled for surgery in a few days. Which collaborative intervention would address cardiovascular symptoms that may prevent the client from undergoing the procedure?
A) Nothing, because there is little effect on...
The nurse is providing care for a young adult client with exophthalmos. Which nursing diagnosis would be the most appropriate for this client?
A) Ineffective Coping
B) Disturbed Body Image
C) Activity Intolerance
D) Risk for...
Increasing circulating levels of thyroid hormone heighten the sympathetic nervous system's physiologic response to stimulation. What effect does this have on the cardiac system?
A) Increases stroke volume
B) Decreases cardiac rate
Which client is at the greatest risk for developing hypothyroidism?
A) A 21-year-old woman who has a mother with Graves disease
B) A 32-year-old man who has an uncle with type 1 diabetes mellitus
C) A 57-year-old woman whose aunt had...
What causes edema in adults with hypothyroidism?
A) Excess reabsorption of water and sodium in the kidneys
B) Decreased plasma oncotic pressure in the capillaries
C) Water retention in mucoprotein deposits in the interstitial spaces
A nurse is caring for an adult client recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. After reviewing the nursing admission assessment, on which documented findings should the nurse plan care for this client? Select all that apply.
A) Nausea
B) Hot...
An older adult client with new-onset atrial fibrillation is sweating excessively. After reviewing the client's recent laboratory results, the nurse concludes that which might be causing the client's symptoms?
A) A hemoglobin (Hgb) level of 11.0...
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