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Does anyone know where I can get answers for the worksheets regarding the iP. This is what I have, Interactive Physiology 10-System Suite. IP worksheets The nervous system: ion channels, membrane potential, action potential, nervous system II: ion...
Two technicians are discussing the front axle disconnect mechanism. Technician A says that the front axles are only disconnected if the vehicle is being towed. Technician B says that this unit is only used on all-wheel-drive vehicles. Which...
Two technicians are discussing the towing of a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Technician A says that the vehicle should be transported on a flatbed truck to avoid the possibility of doing damage to the drive train. Technician B says that the wheels not...
A transfer case is extremely noisy in all selections except neutral (N) whenever the vehicle is moving. Technician A says the drive chain may be stretched, causing the noise as it hits the inside of the case. Technician B says that one or more of the...
Technician A says that a transfer case may use GL-4 gear lube such as SAE 80W-90. Technician B says that a transfer case may use automatic transmission fluid (ATF) such as Dexron III. Which technician is correct?
A) Technician A   ...
Which type system uses a one speed transfer case and a center differential with a viscous coupling?
A) All wheel drive      B) Part time 4WD
C) Full time 4WD with automatic locking hubs      D) Full time 4WD
Technician A says that a vehicle equipped with part-time four-wheel drive should be driven in four-wheel drive only on slippery surfaces. Technician B says that full-time four-wheel-drive vehicles use a center differential in the transfer case. Which...
Technician A says that most transfer cases have a built in oil pump. Technician B says that most transfer cases use a heavy grease as a lubricant. Which technician is correct?
A) Technician A      B) Technician B   ...
Technician A says that the gear ratios of both differentials are the same in a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Technician B says that the rear differential has a slightly higher ratio (lower number) than the front differential. Which technician is...
What part of the Compromise of 1850 increased sectional controversy and conflict during the 1850s?
  a. The admission of California as a free state
  b. The settlement of the Texas boundary question
  c. The...
The first southern state to secede from the Union was
  a. Alabama.
  b. Mississippi.
  c. South Carolina.
  d. Texas.
As a result of the Dred Scott decision,
  a. President Buchanan called publicly for the impeachment of Chief Justice Roger Taney.
  b. the presence of an aggressive Slave Power was confirmed in the minds of many...
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