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Chris has decided to use a performance assessment in his fifth-grade pig heart dissection unit.  He first specifies the expected performance.  Next he will:
A) design the evaluation procedures.
B) determine if the assessment will...
The women’s experience of which country presented the strongest contrast to women’s experience in the Soviet Union during World War II?
A) the United States
B) Germany
C) France
D) Great Britain
Which of these regions arguably was most hard hit by more than one wave of advancing armies?
A) eastern Europe
B) the Balkans
C) southern Europe
D) western Europe
The D-Day landings were launched from _______.
A) England
B) Libya
C) Okinawa
D) Egypt
The Vichy regime ________.
A) was a French resistance government created after the Nazi invasion of France
B) was a Nazi puppet government set up in southern France
C) joined the British against the Nazis in 1942
D) was led by the...
What country did the Nazis invade in June 1941?
A) France
B) Poland
C) Great Britain
D) the Soviet Union
The German policy of collective retribution _______.
A) made the cost of resistance too high for most Europeans
B) was ultimately unsuccessful
C) was used mostly in western Europe
D) is the same as the Holocaust
The firestorms in Hamburg were caused by ________.
A) incendiary bombs
B) atomic bombs
C) artillery fire
D) arsonists
After the Munich Conference, the leaders of France and Great Britain ________.
A) knew that another world war was imminent
B) believed that they had prevented the outbreak of another world war
C) agreed to a formal military alliance...
Growth rate equals births minus deaths plus net migration is the
  a. basic demographic equation.
  b. statistician's mantra.
  c. crude birth rate.
  d. crude migration rate.

An illusion due to misleading cues in stimuli which cause us to create perceptions that are inaccurate or impossible is called a(n) ________ illusion.
a. physical
b. induced
c. stroboscopic
d. perceptual
An illusion is
a. an impossible figure.
b. a figure-ground reversal.
c. an imaginary sensation.
d. a misperception of a real stimulus.
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