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Which statement is true of Mycenaean civilization?
A)   It emerged in Upper Egypt.
B)   It emerged on the island of Crete.
C)   It was centered in Troy.
D)   It emerged...
The two distinctive civilizations that developed in the eastern Mediterranean during the International Bronze Age were the
A)   Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations.
B)   Greek and Roman civilizations.
The label “the Club of the Great Powers” is appropriate for the rulers of the International Bronze Age because these leaders ________.
A)   followed a set of rules 
B)   entered the “club” through...
International affairs during the International Bronze Age were characterized by ________.
A)   constant warfare among small city-states
B)   the destruction of the international trade routes
The Phoenicians probably managed to gain their independence from Egypt because they ________.
A)   were far from Egypt’s center
B)   were more powerful than Egypt
C)   allied together in a...
The main tool used by Tiglath-Pileser to keep his empire together was  ________.
A)   his army
B)   religious unity
C)   commercial networks
D)   diplomacy
The Pentateuch is an example of ________.
A)   the restructuring of Hebrew culture during the Babylonian Exile
B)   borrowing from Babylonian culture during the Babylonian Exile
C)   the...
Unlike earlier Mesopotamian empires, the Neo-Assyrian Empire extended to include ________.
A)   Egypt
B)   Syria
C)   the Fertile Crescent
D)   Anatolia
What were the two social hierarchies typical of the International Bronze Age?
A)   palace dependents and free peoples
B)   free villagers and slaves
C)   nobility and commoners
The Phoenicians were instrumental in spreading _________ throughout the Mediterranean.
A)   the wheel
B)   the alphabet
C)   temple architecture
D)   military strategy
The Kassites ________.
A)   dominated Canaan after 1400 B.C.E.
B)   unified Babylonia after 1400 B.C.E.
C)   defeated the Hittites in the Battle of Kadesh
D)   destroyed...
What was Nebuchadnezzar’s most significant building achievement?
A)   the Ziggurat of Ur
B)   the Colossus of Rhodes
C)   the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
D)   the Temple...
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