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The human eye can just detect green light of wavelength 500. nm, which arrives at the retina at the rate of 2  10-18 W. How many photons arrive each second?
  What will be an ideal response?

The human eye can just detect green light of wavelength 500. nm, which arrives at the retina at the rate of  2 ×   W. How many photons arrive each second?
The human eye can just detect green light of wavelength 500 nm if it arrives at the retina at the rate of 2 × 10-18 W. How many photons arrive each second? (c = 3.0 × 108 m/s, h = 6.626 × 10-34 J ∙ s)
How did Alexander the Great die?
A) He was killed in battle.
B) He was assassinated by his own men.
C) He was poisoned by his lover.
D) He caught a fever and died in Babylon.
Unlike his contemporaries, Voltaire and Diderot, Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a(n) ________.
A) forerunner of the romantic movement
B) philosophe
C) Enlightenment thinker
D) French intellectual
In Common Sense, Thomas Paine argued for __________.
  A) the creation of an independent constitutional republic
  B) one last effort to reconcile with Britain
  C) the establishment of an American...
Looking at Map 19.1, “The European Enlightenment,” it is clear that _______.
A) no one country monopolized the Enlightenment
B) the Enlightenment was essentially a French phenomenon
C) the Enlightenment was strongest in eastern...
Generally, outbreaks of rural violence in western Europe before 1789________.
A) were small but commonplace and widespread
B) were isolated and local
C) would generally spread into the cities
D) included numerous large-scale...
The French nobility of the robe illustrates what characteristic of European nobility?
A) The European nobility was not a closed caste.
B) The only way to become a noble was by birth.
C) Nobility was not always aristocracy.
D) Most...
Unlike the nobility, the aristocracy _______.
A) included those without titles
B) inherited their wealth and position
C) were leaders of their society
D) were generally wealthy
What was Joseph II’s most notable Enlightened reform?
A) the abolition of judicial torture
B) a new law code
C) toleration of other religions, including the Jews
D) toleration of all other religions except Judaism
Who wrote Vindication of the Rights of Woman?
  A) Mary Shelley
  B) Olympe de Gouges
  C) Abigail Adams
  D) Mary Wollstonecraft
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