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Technician A says that many power windows and power door locks use a reversible, permanent-magnet motor with a built-in circuit breaker. Technician B says that the control switches and relays direct the current through the motor(s). Who is right?
A typical 6 way power seat uses ________.
A) 2 electric motors and a 3-way direct acting transmission
B) 1-3 motors (depending on manufacturer)
C) 6 separate grounded electric motors only
D) 6-9 separate PM non-grounded electric...
PM motors used in power windows, mirrors, and seats can be reversed by ________.
A) Using a reverse relay circuit      B) Sending current to a reversed field coil
C) Using a relay and a two-way clutch      D)...
In an electronically controlled cruise control system, what component is used to monitor vehicle speed?
A) Generator speed sensor      B) Engine speed sensor
C) Vehicle speed sensor      D) RPM sensor
A typical radar cruise control system uses ________.
A) Long-range radar (LRR)
B) Electronic throttle control system to control vehicle speed
C) Short-range radar (SRR)
D) All of these
Which of the following actions will deactivate cruise control operation?
A) Driving up a steep hill      B) Releasing accelerator pedal
C) Applying the brakes      D) Applying accelerator pedal
All power windows fail to operate from the independent door switches but all power windows operate from the master switch. Technician A says that the window lockout switch may be on. Technician B says that the power window relay could be defective....
Technician A says that a rear-window defogger can self-regulate the current flow. Technician B says that as the temperature of the grid decreases, its resistance decreases, reducing current flow. Who is right?
A) Technician A     ...
Power window systems use ________ motors.
A) Reversible      B) Unidirectional      C) Servo      D) Stepper
Technician A says that the cruise control on a vehicle equipped with an electronic throttle control (ETC) system uses a servo to move the throttle. Technician B says that the cruise control on a vehicle with ETC uses the APP sensor to set the speed....
Cruise control systems (without electric throttle) use what type of actuator?
A) Stepper motor      B) Vacuum motor      C) Either A or B      D) Neither A nor B
Two technicians are discussing anti-theft systems. Technician A says that some systems require a special key. Technician B says that some systems use a computer chip in the key. Who is right?
A) A only      B) B only   ...
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