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Use what you know about atmospheric circulation and seasonal changes in the sun’s orientation to earth to explain the highly seasonal rainfall in the tropical dry forest and tropical savanna biomes. (Hint: Why does the rainy season in these biomes...
The following amounts are an expense to the company except:
A) SUTA Payable.
B) FICA-OASDI Payable.
C) FUTA Payable.
D) All of the above are correct.
A sales discount correctly taken by the charge customer was debited to Sales at the time the entry was recorded. This error will cause:
A) the net income for the period to be overstated.
B) the sales account to be overstated.
C) the...
A child sings a song to himself about what he is doing.  This is an example of:
A) working speech.
B) private speech.
C) social speech.
D) role speech.
Twelve-month-old Hannah saw a monkey for the first time at the zoo. Later, she saw a monkey on television and shouted "monkey!" This illustrates:
A) cross-modal transference.
B) visual-recognition memory.
C) implicit...
Research indicates that there are minor structural differences in the male and female brains. For example, a section of the __________ is proportionally larger in women than in men.

a)corpus callosum
b)frontal lobe
A child who witnessed the theft of her bicycle was subsequently interviewed by a police officer. In order to get the child to produce the most accurate recollection, the police officer should:
A) wait a few days for her to calm down, engage in...
Joe is enrolled in an early education program that is designed to provide intellectual and social experiences for children. He attends the program daily, for four hours each day. What type of early education program is he in?
A) daycare...
All but which of the following have been put forth as criticisms of Piaget's theory?
  a. He observed far too many children to be able to draw any reasonable conclusions.
  b. He underestimated abilities of younger...
Piaget would agree most with which of the following statements?
  a. Learning should be a process of active discovery.
  b. Learning is driven by biology.
  c. Cognitive development is variable and...
Joey's mother drops him off at his daycare center. Joey separates himself fairly easily from his mother, goes exploring, and finds comfort with others. How would Mary Ainsworth classify Joey's attachment?
A) avoidantly attached
When Billy's mother showed fear and said "No, no!" when Billy approached a wall outlet, Billy was able to interpret her facial and vocal expressions and stayed away from the outlet. This illustrates Billy's ability for:
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