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Who took advantage of the confusion and chaos of war in Georgia and the Carolinas?
A) Native American families
B) African American slaves
C) private bands of marauders
D) French police

This is for my American...
The author maintains that for urban artisans in eighteenth-century America, fortuitous circumstances rather than hard work or frugal living were often the critical factors in achieving success. Would the same argument be more or less true for urban...
Which of these was most influential in the transformation of the bishops of Rome into the papacy around 600?
A) the absence of strong rulers in Rome
B) lack of spiritual leadership in Byzantium
C) launching the Crusades
D) the...
The most significant result of the Crusades was the________.
A) establishment of long lasting Crusader states in the Middle East
B) emergence of a new level of tolerance among Christians and Muslims
C) emergence of new contact between...
The legal system in the kingdoms of Latin Christendom________.
A) was based exclusively on Germanic legal traditions
B) was rooted primarily in Christian theology
C) was a continuation of Roman legal practices
D) ultimately merged...
The Byzantine emperors viewed the coronation of Charlemagne as a________.
A) positive step towards civilizing the Germanic West
B) threat to their claim to be heirs of the Roman emperors
C) hopeful sign that Islam would fail in the...
Alcuin of York________.
A) was the head of Charlemagne’s palace school
B) wrote a famous biography of Charlemagne
C) succeeded Charlemagne after his death
D) developed the Carolingian miniscule
The Visigothic kings practiced________.
A) Arian Christianity
B) Catholic Christianity
C) traditional polytheistic beliefs
D) a Germanic religion based in nature
Feudalism is best understood as a________.
A) system designed to increase the power of lords rather than vassals
B) reciprocal personal economic and political relationship between lord and vassal
C) way for vassals to advance...
What was the outcome of the First Crusade?
A) It was a disastrous failure for the Christian West.
B) It led to the overthrow of the Byzantine emperor.
C) It led to the conversion of the Seljuk Turks to Christianity.
D) It resulted...
What finally ended the Magyar raids in western Europe?
A) They were fatally weakened by a mysterious epidemic disease.
B) They were decisively defeated by a Frankish king.
C) They were overwhelmed by Byzantine forces from the east.
What was Charlemagne’s empire ultimately based on?
A) the authority of the pope
B) Roman legal traditions
C) personal loyalty to Charlemagne himself
D) the generosity of the Byzantine Empire
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