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In “Cosa Sento,” whose melody is rapid and fluttering, showing the character’s state
of agitation?
a.   Susanna
b.   the Count
c.   Basilio
d.   the Countess
In Cosa sento, when does the Count shift to the more syllabic, declamatory style of singing?
  a) when propositioning Susanna
  b) after finding Figaro in the closet
  c) when relating his encounter with...
In “Cosa sento,” whose melody is whiny and hesitant, showing the character’s state
of embarrassment?
a.   Susanna
b.   the Count
c.   Basilio
d.   the...
What automotive devices may contain mercury?
A) Navigation displays      B) HID headlights
C) Rear seat video displays      D) All of the above
Gasoline should be stored in approved containers that include what color(s)?
A) Red container      B) Yellow container
C) Yellow with red lettering      D) Red with yellow lettering
Which act or organization regulates air conditioning refrigerant?
A) Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)      B) MSDS
C) WHMIS      D) Clean Air Act (CAA)
All of the following are the proper ways to dispose of a drained oil filter EXCEPT ________.
A) Sent for recycling
B) Disposed of in regular trash
C) Considered to be hazardous waste and disposed of accordingly
D) Picked up by a...
Used engine oil should be disposed of by all these methods EXCEPT ________.
A) Burned onsite in a waste oil-approved heater      B) Burned offsite in a waste oil-approved heater
C) Disposed of in regular trash   ...
An oil filter should be hot drained for how long before disposing of the filter?
A) 8 hours      B) 12 hours      C) 4 hours      D) 30 to 60 minutes
Wetted asbestos dust is considered to be ________.
A) Toxic      B) Solid waste      C) Hazardous waste      D) Poisonous
Exposure to asbestos dust can cause what condition?
A) Mesothelioma      B) Lung cancer      C) All of the above      D) Asbestosis
To determine if a product or substance being used is hazardous, consult ________.
A) SAE standards      B) A dictionary      C) EPA guidelines      D) An MSDS
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