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Discus bystander nonintervention and what factors influence intervention.
Empiricism is based on ________.
A) observation
B) reasoning
C) theorizing
D) faith
Who showed that blood circulates throughout the body?
A) Robert Boyle
B) Paracelsus
C) William Harvey
D) Galen
Robert Boyle helped transform ________.
A) alchemy to chemistry
B) astrology to astronomy
C) astronomy to physics
D) witchcraft to medicine
Galileo’s scientific work helped lay the foundations for which modern discipline?
A) calculus
B) physics
C) biology
D) astronomy
Which of these men first argued that the sun is at the center of the solar system?
A) Galileo Galilei
B) Nicolaus Copernicus
C) Tycho Brahe
D) Ptolemy
Who wrote Two Treatises of Government in 1690?
A) John Locke
B) Jean Bodin
C) James I
D) Thomas Hobbes
The Long Parliament attacked the power of ________.
A) the king
B) France
C) military leaders
D) the Puritans
What dynasty was inaugurated under James I?
A) Stuart
B) Tudor
C) Hanoverian
D) Orange
Russia began to Westernize during the reign of ________.
A) Ivan I
B) Peter I
C) Catherine II
D) Alexander I
The Habsburgs ruled ________.
A) Austria
B) the Holy Roman Empire
C) Belgium
D) the Netherlands
Who succeeded Cardinal Richelieu as minister to the French King?
A) the Duke of Sully
B) Cardinal Mazarin
C) the Duke of Guise
D) Marie de Medici
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