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The dirhams and the Arabian Nights are both examples of ________.
A) Umayyad borrowing from earlier traditions
B) Muslim literary developments
C) Persian influences on the Muslim world
D) products of the first decades of Islam
The establishment of the exarchates indicates the desire of the Byzantine emperors to _______.
A) hold onto the entire Roman Empire
B) convert North Africa to Christianity
C) push back Muslim expansion
D) find a new source for the...
The Macedonian dynasty ruled the Byzantine Empire from the _______centuries.
A) ninth to eleventh
B) fifth to sixth
C) seventh to tenth
D) eleventh to fifteenth
The Book of Ceremonies helped to establish the notion of the rule of kings by ________.
A) divine authority
B) military power
C) the use of a bureaucracy
D) the rule of law
Classical learning in the Byzantine empire________.
A) remained important throughout the empire for its entire history
B) was gradually replaced with Christian instruction
C) remained the only way educated people could learn to read
Looking at Map 8.1, “The Byzantine Empire, ca. 600,” which of these was true around 600?
A) The greatest threat to the Byzantine Empire was the Persian Empire.
B) Muslims were in control of most of northern Africa.
C) The Byzantine...
Which of these Egyptian cities was founded by the Muslim Arabs?
A) Cairo
B) Alexandria
C) Thebes
D) Memphis
Which of these was most supportive of the use of icons?
A) monks
B) emperors
C) patriarchs
D) military leaders
For Muslim rulers, what did Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians share with Islam?
A) a sacred book
B) religious legitimacy
C) political legitimacy
D) cultural origins
Arab communities before the emergence of Islam were________.
A) organized around a single emperor
B) generally organized into tribes
C) united under a monarchy
D) formally bound together as a single unified tribe
Unlike most of the peoples moving into eastern Europe in the fifth century, the Bulgars were _______.
A) not Slavic
B) Christians
C) descendants of the Rus
D) Romanized
What is the purpose of an automobile insurance plan? How does an auto plan generally work?
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