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A local toolmaker makes the best hammers on the market. The head of the hammer costs $12.11 and the handle costs $4.37. It takes 1.4 minutes to assemble the hammer and the hourly cost is $90.00 for assembly time. The company has fixed operating costs...
The ability of the service provider to perform his or her job dependably and accurately is known as the "assurance" dimension of service quality.
Authors who write books with few errors can be said to excel in which dimension of service quality?
A) Tangibles
B) Responsiveness
C) Reliability
D) Empathy
A control chart is a visual representation of the various states in a process.
The quality expert who proposed through his approach of 14 steps that quality, as a managed process, can be a source of improved financial performance for any firm is
A) W. Edwards Deming.
B) Joseph Juran.
C) Philip Crosby.
In which phase of the PDCA cycle do managers make the proposed quality improvements permanent?
A) Plan
B) Do
C) Check
D) Act
In which phase of the PDCA cycle do managers perform trial experiments to test their improvements?
A) Plan
B) Do
C) Check
D) Act
The plan, do, check, act (PDCA) process for quality improvement was espoused by
A) W. Edwards Deming.
B) Joseph Juran.
C) Philip Crosby.
D) Kaoru Ishikawa
The quality expert who described quality management as a trilogy that consists of quality planning, quality control, and quality improvement is
A) W. Edwards Deming.
B) Joseph Juran.
C) Philip Crosby.
D) Kaoru Ishikawa.
According to Joseph Juran, it is the systems that management puts into place that are primarily responsible for poor quality, not employees.
The efficiency with which a product achieves its intended purpose is known as the "performance" dimension of quality.
The project team stage of development when the team becomes a cohesive unit and interdependence, trust, and cooperation develops between team members is
A) forming.
B) storming.
C) norming.
D) performing.
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