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The “open door” policy prevented ________.
A) Western economic and political influence in China
B) the formal partition of China among the Western powers
C) the United States from establishing its influence in China
D) the...
In general, modernist art represented ________.
A) a break with the past
B) a continuation of romanticism
C) a response to imperialism
D) the influence of the Enlightenment
In Russia, the Russo-Japanese War contributed to________.
A) the outbreak of the Revolution of 1905
B) the execution of the Tsar in 1905
C) Russian colonization of Siberia
D) Russian colonization of Japan
The Syllabus of Errors ________.
A) was a famous modernist painting
B) was a papal decree that expressed the conservative nature of the papacy
C) the most famous book by Emile Durkheim
D) an attack on Darwin by Bishop Ulster
In broad terms, the response of the papacy to the challenges of modernism was ________.
A) defiance
B) reconciliation
C) modernization
D) moderate reform
The idea of the “White Man’s burden” combined ________.
A) racism and a paternalistic attitude
B) optimism and militancy
C) greed and capitalism
D) land hunger and a missionary zeal
The Boxer Rebellion was
  a. an anti-Christian purge of missionaries.
  b. a protest against the lack of legal rights extended to Asians under European hegemony.
  c. a response to local Chinese refusal to...
The predominant outlook associated with the fin-de-siècle is _______.
A) apprehension
B) optimism
C) confidence
D) panic
Which African nation successfully resisted European imperialism up to World War II?
A) Liberia
B) Egypt
C) Ethiopia
D) Sudan
Unlike earlier phases of imperialism, the new imperialism was shaped by _______.
A) official expansionist policies
B) commercial motives
C) the search for raw materials
D) racist attitudes
David Livingstone illustrates the role of ________in the new imperialism.
A) missionaries
B) trade
C) industrialization
D) racism
The technology used by European imperialists in the late 1800s and early 1900s indicates that imperialism in this period was for the purpose of________.
A) establishing European dominance
B) developing trading partners
C) establishing...
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