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What is the primary reason that Anglo American PLC developed its ART program?
A) comply with government standards
B) maintain a healthy workforce
C) abide by union demands
D) reduce employee benefits
Chrysler granted South East Motor (a company in China) rights to produce its Grand Voyager minivan for sale in China in exchange for a fee. This is an example of a(n) ________.
A) licensing agreement
B) bargaining school arrangement
International businesspeople need to understand social stratification systems where they do business because ________.
A) such systems reflect a culture's willingness to accept new products
B) such systems indicate who people in a...
Which of the following is promoted by a neoclassical structure?
A) innovation of ideas
B) information control
C) project competition
D) minimal relationships
Which of the following best describes the concept of serendipity in exporting?
A) modifying products to meet cultural preferences
B) initiating global sales through e-commerce methods
C) relying too much on exports when domestic sales...
Improving explanatory power of the IO paradigm can be done by considering the potential for ________ to lead to a company's sustained competitive advantage.
A) bright, motivated managers
B) political trends and events
C) cultural...
________ manufacturing is any manufacturing that takes place in a country different from the home country.
A) Offshore
B) Multidomestic
C) Cost-minimization
D) Outsourcing
Most world trade takes place ________.
A) between developed countries and developing countries
B) among developed countries
C) among developing countries
D) between raw material exporters and manufacturing exporters
According to the text, what is the most common concern that expatriates have before they move overseas?
A) reestablishing a social life
B) missing friends and family
C) learning a foreign language
D) adapting to the culture
The HRM requirements of a(n) ________ strategy are well matched with an ethnocentric staffing policy.
A) multidomestic
B) transnational
C) international
D) global
Which of the following is NOT an advantage associated with Eurocurrencies?
A) more convenience for users
B) better yield for lenders
C) tighter U.S. regulation
D) cheaper lending rates
The shifting of national borders has most likely created which of the following situations for international business?
A) It has left rural residents more isolated from technology.
B) It has complicated the understanding of behavioral...
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