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You recognize that Athlete 2 may have one of several possible defects in the AR signaling pathway.

For the molecular defects listed below, predict what their effects would be on AR signaling and ultimately on the development of the...
Many of the academic and social difficulties of adolescents and adults are now attributed to basic language disorders.

• true

• false
More girls than boys stutter.

• true

• false
Many children quickly outgrow their dysfluencies.

• true

• false
The use of an augmentative communication system indicates that a person has a language disorder.

• true

• false
Pure-tone audiometry establishes

• detection and understanding of speech.

• threshold for hearing at various frequencies.

• kinds of hearing tests to be used.

• presence of the Moro reflex.
About 50% of the children whose language is delayed at age 2 will gradually catch up developmentally with their age peers.

• true

• false
Early intervention for speech and language disorders should emphasize conversation skills rather than the mechanics of language.

• true

• false
Most speech sounds have frequencies (pitch) that

• have a very narrow range: 50-500 Hz.

• have a range that is affected by altitude and humidity:100-900 Hz.

• have a range higher than long-haired dogs: 250-1,000...
When teaching students with speech and language disorders, the primary role of the classroom teacher is to facilitate the social use of language.

• true

• false
Loss of voice is apraxia.

• true

• false
When testing the hearing of a two-year-old child, an audiologist should avoid use of which type of audiometry?

• brain-stem-evoked response

• speech

• tympanometry

• conditioned play
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