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Which tends to be true of students from lower socioeconomic status homes?
A) They have fewer school-related background experiences than students from higher SES backgrounds.
B) They tend to gravitate to activities out of the academic...
Which of the following statements illustrates the relationship between culture and ethnicity?
A) Culture and ethnicity are unrelated.
B) Culture is a part of ethnicity.
C) Culture and ethnicity are the same thing.
D) Ethnicity is...
Which of the following statements best represents the psychosocial crisis of identity vs. confusion?
A) "If we don't worry about what's happening to these kids, who will?"
B) "I've never been able to do this...
The tendency for observers to exaggerate the role of dispositional factors in explaining behaviour is called the fundamental attribution error .
Difficulty: 1
Page Reference: 90
Skill: Recall
Objective: 3.5 Discuss various biases...
The two Kohlberg stages that are based on following social conventions and norms are:
A) social contract and universal principles.
B) market exchange and interpersonal harmony.
C) interpersonal harmony and law and order.
The second-grade team is concerned about the sloppy work their students are turning in, so they implement a reinforcement scheme to promote neater work.  In the process, each time students turn in a neatly written paper, Mrs. Oakes gives them a...
The process through which learners incorporate external, society-based activities into internal cognitive processes is best described as:
A) accommodation.
B) internalization.
C) assimilation.
D) transformation.
The first week of class Marty talks a lot.  Mr. Adams, his fifth-grade teacher, decides to pretend Marty isn't talking and doesn't react at all.  By the winter holiday break, Marty has stopped talking in class.  Which of the...
The concepts and symbols, such as numbers and language, that allow people to think, solve problems, and function in a culture are best described as:
A) types of cognitive tools.
B) examples of private speech.
C) types of...
Suzy, a fifth-grader, loves to chew gum in class, which is against the rules.  Now each morning when Suzy comes in, Mr. Myers offers her some gum and says pleasantly, "I want you to chew this the whole period."  Mr. Myers's...
Sara, a seventh grader, is eager to respond to questions in class, and regularly raises her hand to respond.  However, in spite of her efforts, Mr. Edwards calls on one of her classmates each time.  This process continues for the next two...
Sandra and Robert are both fourth graders.  If their math achievement fits typical patterns for boys and girls, which of the following is most likely?
A) Robert's achievement will be higher now, and the gap will be wider when they are...
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