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Both the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires were ________by growing nationalist sentiments around 1800.
A) threatened
B) toppled
C) more united
D) made more aggressive
Who was the most famous leader of the British suffragette movement?
A) Emmeline Pankhurst
B) Emily Davidson
C) Queen Victoria
D) Dorothea Beale
The Eiffel Tower was built ________.
A) by Napoleon III
B) for the working classes of Paris
C) for the Paris World’s Fair
D) to commemorate the centennial of the French Revolution
The Eiffel Tower was unique for its time, because it was
  a. the first structure built entirely of wrought iron.
  b. the only exposition building to house a restaurant.
  c. twice the height of any other...
Nation-making in the late nineteenth century involved________.
A) accepting regional diversity.
B) forging a single national identity at the expense of regional loyalties.
C) transferring political power from the political elites to...
The Napoleonic Code _________traditional gender roles.
A) reinforced
B) overturned
C) modified
D) ignored
Emancipation of the Russian serfs took place in what decade?
A) 1860s
B) 1840s
C) 1880s
D) 1820s
Who was the leader of the Zionist movement in the late nineteenth century?
A) Karl Lueger
B) Theodor Herzl
C) Alfred Dreyfus
D) Baron von Rothschild
The nurse is expected to use new intravenous equipment. After receiving instruction on the use, the nurse is still nervous about using the new equipment. What type of change is this nurse experiencing?
1. Planned change
2. Spontaneous...
How should the nurse describe change?
1. Positive or negative, planned or unplanned
2. Prevented and managed
3. Negative, doesn’t have to occur, easily managed
4. Difficult and always negative
The Dreyfus Affair ultimately revealed deep divisions in France over what issue?
A) the role of the Catholic Church in French life
B) extension of the franchise
C) control of public education
D) the survival of the Bonaparte...
The nurse has decided to contact state legislators regarding support for a health bill. Which is true about such requests?
1. Drop-in visits to the legislator’s office are very effective.
2. Faxed copies of a form letter have the most...
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