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A nurse researcher decides to conduct a qualitative research study. With which of the following would the researcher be involved?
  A) Collection of numerical data
  B) Determination of cause and effect
A group of students is reviewing information about evidence-based practice in preparation for an exam. The students demonstrate understanding of the information when they identify which of the following as associated with evidence-based practice?
A nursing student is conducting a literature review via the Internet to identify a problem area that may be applicable in scope for nursing. When conducting the search, which of the following would be most important for the student to keep in...
The nurse understands that general systems theory has important implications in nursing. Which of the following is an assumption of the general systems theory?
  A) Human systems are open and dynamic.
  B) All humans...
One step in implementing evidence-based practice is to ask a question about a clinical area of interest or an intervention. The most common method is the PICO format. Which of the following accurately defines the letters in the PICO acronym?
What was significant about the promotion of the National Center for Nursing Research to the current National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR)?
  A) Increased numbers of articles are published in research journals.
Why are the developmental theories important to nursing practice?
  A) They describe how parts work together as a system.
  B) They outline the process of human growth and development.
  C) They define human...
A staff nurse asks a student, Why in the world are you studying nursing theory? How would the student best respond?
  A) Our school requires we take it before we can graduate.
  B) We do it so we know more than your...
During the first half of the 20th century, a change in the structure of society resulted in changed roles for women and, in turn, for nursing. What was one of these changes?
  A) More women retired from the workforce to raise...
A client undergoing chemotherapy for a brain tumor believes that having a good attitude will help in the healing process. This is an example of what type of knowledge?
  A) Science
  B) Philosophy
A student nurse learns how to give injections from the nurse manager. This is an example of the acquisition of what type of knowledge?
  A) Authoritative
  B) Traditional
  C) Scientific
The practice of changing patients' bedclothes each day in acute care settings is an example of what type of knowledge?
  A) Authoritative
  B) Traditional
  C) Scientific
  D) Applied
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