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The Solidarity movement began with a ________.
A) strike in the Gdansk shipyard
B) revolt in a Warsaw prison
C) strike in a Cracow automobile plant
D) revolt by peasants outside of Warsaw
Angela Merkel’s election in 2005 symbolized ________.
A) true unification of East and West Germany
B) the end of the Cold War
C) the end of the dominance of social democracy
D) the economic power of eastern Europe
The program of ethnic cleansing in the 1990s occurred in the context of ________.
A) the collapse of Yugoslavia
B) perestroika
C) the disintegration of the Soviet Union
D) the Cold War
Fundamentally, postmodernism may be understood as ________.
A) a celebration of Western culture
B) a rejection of Western cultural supremacy
C) an emphasis on rationality and science
D) an emphasis on Christianity
Boris Yeltsin’s economic policy was a ________ of Gorbachev’s perestroika.
A) radical version
B) more moderate version
C) rejection
D) continuation
Which of these triggered a debt crisis in Europe after 2008?
A) the U.S. mortgage crisis
B) the end of the Cold War
C) the collapse of the British economy
D) inflation
In what decade was the first test-tube baby born?
A) 1970s
B) 1960s
C) 1980s
D) 1990s
Which of these was the fastest growing religion in western Europe in the late 1900s?
A) Islam
B) Methodism
C) Mormonism
D) Buddhism
The gap between the North and South refers to the ________.
A) gulf between the Have and Have-not nations of the world
B) gap between Islam and Christianity
C) gulf between capitalism and communism
D) environmental crisis...
Basque separatists and the Irish Republican Army were alike in their ________.
A) methods
B) nationalist goals
C) political ideology
D) common enemy
Gorbachev abandoned the arms race ________.
A) for financial reasons
B) in support of perestroika
C) to push for détente
D) to remain in power
How did Mikhail Gorbachev lose power in the Soviet Union?
A) as the result of an economic depression
B) because of a coup by communist hardliners
C) because of the force of nationalism
D) because of the emergence of a capitalist...
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