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Joan Williams begins each of her biology classes by writing an outline on the board that identifies the topics to be covered in the day's lesson.  As each is presented and discussed, she refers the students to the outline and what will be...
You have a friend whose phone number is 246-1478.  You easily recall the number when you want to call her, because you remember that the last four digits of the number form an 'L' on the touch tone dialing system.  Of the...
Felyce, an eighth grader, sits near the back of the room in her history class. She has found herself "drifting off" lately, so she asks her teacher Mrs. Ruiz if she can move and sit at the front of the room, since there is one empty desk in...
According to research, for approximately how long does our visual sensory memory hold information?
A) 20 seconds
B) 8 seconds
C) 1 second
D) 5 seconds
Enzymes accelerate thermodynamically possible reactions by:
 a. altering the equilibrium constant
  b. lowering the activation energy of the reaction
  c. lowering the overall free energy change for the reaction
There are three major classes of pericyclic reactions. Which of the following types of reactions is not an example of a pericyclic process?
  sigmatropic rearrangements
With respect to developmental differences in metacognition, which of the following statements is most accurate?
A) Young children are not as metacognitive as their older peers, and they are generally unable to learn metacognitive strategies...
You want your students to understand the relationships between Marco Polo's trip to the Far East, the Crusades, the Portuguese exploration around the tip of Africa, and Columbus's voyage to the new world. If, after learning about the...
The Inka capital was
  a. Lima.
  b. Cuzco.
  c. Monte Verde.
  d. Tenochtitlan,
  e. Uxmal.
The Inca Empire featured a highly efficient redistributive system.
  a. True
  b. False
Someone participating in a workfare program is likely to end up __________.
  a. relying on food stamps
  b. enrolled in the Medicaid program
  c. getting the Earned Income Tax Credit
  d. getting...
Mrs. Chang is working with her students on the processes involved in solving simultaneous equations in algebra. As she models solutions, she calls on as many different students as possible and asks them to explain why each of the steps is important....
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