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A nurse is giving a talk to a local community group on health promotion and illness prevention. The nurse explains the different levels of promotion. Which of the following does the nurse include when talking about primary promotion? Select all that...
A nurse is giving a talk to a local community group on the importance of proper diet and regular exercise. This is an example of which type of health promotion?
  A) Primary health promotion
  B) Secondary health...
A client is admitted to the hospital with abrupt symptoms of increasing shortness of breath, fever, and a productive cough with green sputum. Upon further exam the client is diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) exacerbation.
After teaching the students about health and wellness, the nursing instructor identifies a need for further instruction when one of the students makes which of the following statements?
  A) Health is more than just the absence...
Which of the following is not one of the six general types of risk factors in regard to increasing an individual 's chances for illness and injury?
  A) Gender
  B) Age
  C) Environment
The nursing instructor has given an assignment to a group of nurse practitioner students. They are to break into groups of four and complete a health-promotion teaching project, then present a report back to their fellow students.
Which of the following nursing interventions is an example of health promotion and preventive care on the primary level? Select all that apply.
  A) A nurse counsels a teenager to stop smoking.
  B) A nurse conducts a...
On which of the following components is Rosenstock's health belief model based? Select all that apply.
  A) Perceived susceptibility to a disease
  B) Perceived consequences of treating disease
Which of the following statements explains why models of health promotion and illness prevention are useful when planning health care? Select all that apply.
  A) They help health care providers understand health-related...
Which of the following statements accurately describes how risk factors may increase a person's chances for illness or injury? Select all that apply.
  A) Risk factors are unrelated to the person or event.
  B) All...
A woman 80 years of age has had a cerebrovascular accident. She has flaccidity of her right side with aphasia. For this client, which of the following activities constitutes tertiary prevention?
  A) assessment of her blood...
A client states, I must be in poor health because I am a senior citizen. That's what my neighbor says and she is older than I am. This statement is based on which of the following factors?
  A) Age
  B) Gender
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