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As a consequence of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the ________.
A) United States and the Soviet Union withdrew from brinkmanship
B) United States abandoned its policy of containment
C) Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia
D) United...
The American presence in Vietnam expanded most dramatically during the presidency of ________.
A) Dwight D. Eisenhower
B) John F. Kennedy
C) Lyndon B. Johnson
D) Richard M. Nixon
The Marshall Plan ________ the Truman Doctrine.
A) had the same objective as
B) worked counter to
C) used the same methods as
D) reversed the policies of
The Franco-Algerian War________.
A) resulted in Algerian independence by 1962
B) was a short-lived war
C) led to the ouster of Charles De Gaulle
D) led to a bloody civil war on the French mainland
As a consequence of the de-Stalinization program, the Soviet economy ________.
A) enjoyed unprecedented growth
B) grew only in the area of consumer goods
C) eliminated the collectivization of agriculture
D) continued to lag behind...
The conferences held by the Big Three during World War II concerned winning the war and _______.
A) the post-war settlement
B) creating the International Monetary Fund
C) the United Nations
D) forming NATO
Jackson Pollock is a painter in what style?
A) Abstract Expressionism
B) romantic
C) Cubist
D) Futurist
Samuel Beckett is best known as a ________.
A) playwright
B) sculptor
C) poet
D) novelist
What was the Communist military response to the formation of NATO?
  a. The Moscow Alliance
  b. The Warsaw Pact
  c. The Eastern European Community
  d. The Stalin Plan
  e. The European...
The formation of NATO and the Warsaw Pact signaled ________.
A) increasing Cold War divisions
B) détente
C) the end of World War II
D) de-Stalinization
The Truman Doctrine called for ________.
A) money to rebuild France
B) support for resistance to communism
C) money to rebuild Great Britain
D) funds to rebuild eastern Europe
Which of these nations won their independence from the Dutch in 1949?
A) Indonesia
B) Vietnam
C) Thailand
D) Guiana
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