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__________ studies observe different individuals at different ages at a single point in time to track age differences.
A) Sectional
B) Cross-sequential
C) Sequential
D) Cross-sectional
Octavian was given the title Augustus by________.
A) the Roman people
B) Julius Caesar
C) the Roman Senate
D) the first priest of Rom
The cult of the emperor was useful to the empire because it________.
A) provided a target for the anger of the conquered peoples
B) provided a unifying force for the empire
C) served as the chief religion of the senate
D) united...
The Pantheon is a prominent example of ________in Roman building.
A) the use of concrete
B) borrowing from Greece
C) the use of slaves
D) a new simple style
Roman building techniques included________.
A) concrete vaults
B) iron building frames
C) flying buttresses
D) spires
Roman knowledge of sub-Saharan Africa was generally ________.
A) second-hand
B) good
C) based on conquest of peoples of the African interior
D) through the Silk Road
Provincial cities were ruled________.
A) by a single mayor whose powers mirrored those of the emperor
B) by a city council
C) directly by the provincial governor
D) directly by the Roman emperor
The word Christian derives from________.
A) the Greek word that means messiah
B) a Hebrew word that means messiah
C) a Latin word that means messiah
D) a Hebrew word that means son of God
The capture of Jerusalem in 70 C.E. led to a greater role for ________.
A) rabbis
B) Temple priests
C) individual worship
D) the temple
The Marcomanni were an example of a(n) ________.
A) German confederation
B) Germanic tribe
C) alliance between German and Celtic peoples
D) slave uprising
The role of Pontifex Maximus was essentially a ________position.
A) religious
B) administrative
C) political
D) economic
The association of Sol Invictus with Apollo is an example of ________.
A) syncretism
B) prophetic movements
C) dualism
D) monotheism
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