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Who was the one of the founders of French sociology?
A) Emile Durkheim
B) Gustave Le Bon
C) Sigmund Frued
D) Lajos Kosuth
The Fauves were inspired by ________.
A) non-Western cultures
B) industrialization
C) rural landscapes
D) Christianity
Who isolated the tuberculosis and cholera bacilli?
A) Louis Pasteur
B) Edward Snow
C) Robert Koch
D) Joseph Lister
By about 1800, Europeans controlled _______of the globe.
A) 85 percent
B) 65 percent
C) 45 percent
D) 25 percent
Unlike other areas of the Scramble for Africa, in southern Africa, European imperialism________.
A) confronted European settlers
B) led to violence
C) resulted in African deaths
D) was successful thanks to firearms
Applied to foreign policy, Social Darwinism most commonly led Europeans to the conclusion that ________.
A) races must compete for world resources
B) weaker nations must be protected from those that are stronger
C) existing nations...
Around 1900, Japan’s foreign policy of 1800 ________.
A) had been reversed
B) continued
C) changed course
D) was pursued to an extreme
The Boxer Rebellion was an uprising against ________.
A) Western imperialists
B) the communist government
C) Japanese imperialism
D) the Manchus
Western European religious beliefs after 1870 ________.
A) declined as Darwin’s ideas became commonplace
B) declined as Nietzsche’s work became increasingly popular among the working class
C) were supported and defended by Emile...
Both the United States and Australia specifically targeted _______ immigration in the 1880s.
A) Chinese
B) Italian
C) Japanese
D) Russian
The idea of Torschlusspanik was just one manifestation of the importance of _______ in the new imperialism.
A) competition
B) religious motives
C) racism
D) the balance of power
Unlike earlier phases of imperialism, the new imperialism was shaped by _______.
A) official expansionist policies
B) commercial motives
C) the search for raw materials
D) racist attitudes
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