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What part of the Compromise of 1850 increased sectional controversy and conflict during the 1850s?
  a. The admission of California as a free state
  b. The settlement of the Texas boundary question
  c. The...
The first southern state to secede from the Union was
  a. Alabama.
  b. Mississippi.
  c. South Carolina.
  d. Texas.
As a result of the Dred Scott decision,
  a. President Buchanan called publicly for the impeachment of Chief Justice Roger Taney.
  b. the presence of an aggressive Slave Power was confirmed in the minds of many...
Which of the following is true of the Emancipation Proclamation?
  a. It was denounced by many as being clearly unconstitutional.
  b. It was issued by Lincoln on the basis of his powers as commander-in-chief of the...
Which of the following statements best expresses the southern version of republicanism?
  a. To create a more perfect society, individuals must subordinate their individual desires to the good of thegroup.
 b. The...
Which of the following beliefs is most closely associated with Confederate nationalism?
  a. The Confederacy will stand as the bastion of direct democracy throughout the world.
  b. The Republic was built on the...
President-elect Lincoln decided to stand firm against the extension of slavery into the territories. Which of the following was a reason for that decision?
  a. He believed that a compromise would destroy any chance of...
During the Civil War, the North differed from the South in which of the following respects?
  a. Agricultural production increased in the South; northern agricultural production plummeted.
  b. The South became...
Which of the following was convincing evidence that the Buchanan administration was attempting to impose its will on the people of Kansas?
  a. Buchanan's actions in relation to the Lecompton constitution
After the Dred Scott decision,
  a. northern newspapers strongly urged that the decision be accepted in spite of the dangers it posed.
  b. the justices who dissented in the decision resigned from the Supreme...
Northern industrial workers during the Civil War
  a. found that their pay did not keep up with inflation.
  b. suffered from high unemployment.
  c. enjoyed unprecedented prosperity.
Which of the following is true concerning Confederate military supplies?
  a. By 1865 the Confederacy had to depend on blockade runners to obtain the small arms and ammunition itneeded to conduct the war.
 b. By 1865...
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