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Which of the following describes the steps that children can be taught to resolve a conflict?
A) Stop the activity, protect the hurt child, and comfort the angry child.
B) Determine whether the conflict is intentional, review the rules, and...
Which of the following is recommended to promote children's social understanding?
A) A good way to help children have friends at school is to make everyone play together.
B) A good way to build social studies concepts is by explaining...
Ms. Jones wants to promote environmental awareness in her classroom. Which of the following activities might you see during the day that would address this goal?
A) Children make posters about littering
B) A class meeting in which children...
What does the adult do in the first step of the mediation process?
  a. Define the problem in mutual terms.
  b. Gain control of the disputed object.
  c. Summarize all different solutions suggested so...
Joan and Keisha are building a road with blocks, but seem to be losing interest in their play. Miss Smoak walks up to Joan and Keisha and says, "Do you need a garage for your cars? Jerry and I can help you build one." Which play...
When Mr. Green shows children HOW to take turns in his classroom he is touching on which dimension of the social domain?
A) Social Responsibility
B) Socialization
C) Social Studies
D) Social Skills
When Karen sees that Marie is crying and gives her a pat on the back, she is demonstrating which facet(s) of prosocial behavior?
A) Recognizing Need and Taking Action
B) Recognizing Need, Deciding to Act, and Taking Action
Children in dramatic play are "cooking" for their babies and each other, but no one is "eating." Their teacher sits at the table and says, "Can someone take my order?" Children excitedly look for the clipboard and...
Helping, cooperating, encouraging and comforting are examples of which facet of the social domain?
A) Prosocial behavior
B) Socialization
C) Psychology with the area of social studies
D) Socially responsible actions
Mrs. Stein incorporates marching, hopping, and skipping as she leads children out onto the playground, and encourages children to use the playground equipment creatively. Which standard of physical literacy standards is she supporting by these...
At what age can you expect 90% of the children to use a three-point grip on a writing utensil comfortably?
A) About 7
B) About 5
C) About 4
D) About 6
In order to help her music students learn the lines of the treble clef in musical notation, Susan has them learn the sentence “Every Good Boy Does Fine,” in which the starting letter of each word represents the name of a note. This is an example...
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