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DEX-COOL is ________.
A) Propylene glycol      B) Ethylene glycol
C) Silicate and phosphate free      D) Both B and C
Reusing old coolant is generally not approved by vehicle manufacturers, with the exception of ________.
A) General Motors      B) Mercedes      C) Ford      D) Chrysler
Two technicians are discussing testing coolant for proper pH. Technician A says that coolant has a pH above 7 when new and becomes lower with use in an engine. Technician B says that OAT and HOAT coolants have a lower pH when new compared to the old...
DEX-COOL is what type of coolant?
A) IAT      B) OAT      C) PHOAT      D) HOAT
Asian red coolant is what type?
A) OAT      B) PHOAT      C) IAT      D) HOAT
A chemical barrier is formed by the coolant that can be enhanced by changing to a different type of coolant.
A) True
B) False
A coolant mix of 50/50 antifreeze and water will freeze at ________ degrees F.
A) -84      B) 0      C) -34      D) 32
The pH of coolant is tested using a ________.
A) Test strip      B) Hydrometer      C) Voltmeter      D) Refractometer
Technician A says that OAT type coolant should be changed every 2 years. Technician B says that IAT type coolant should be changed every 2 years. Which technician is correct?
A) Technician A only      B) Technician B only ...
As the percentage of antifreeze in the coolant increases, ________.
A) The freeze point decreases (up to a point)      B) The heat transfer increases
C) The boiling point decreases      D) All of the above...
Testing for galvanic activity is done with the coolant ________ and the engine ________.
A) Cool; not running      B) Cool; running
C) Warm; running      D) Warm; engine not running
A normal reading when testing coolant for galvanic activity is ________.
A) 5 V or more      B) More than .5 V      C) Less than 200 mV      D) At least .5 V
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