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Which dynasties that were previously thought to be mythic cultures have been established as historical based on recent archaeological discoveries?
A. Xia and Shang
B. Zhou and Guang
C. Xia and Han
D. Zhou and Han
We have finally discovered life on Venus. NASA scientists are investigating a newly discovered life form: a single-celled organism found in the swampy canals. You have been contracted by NASA to perform an electrophysiology study. Using intracellular...
DAW, a common abbreviation used in pharmacology, stands for
 Direct as written
  Dosage as written
  Dispense as written
  Dispose as written
For people over age 65, drug dosages must be adjusted according to which of the following?
A) weight, diet, laboratory results, and hypersensitivities
B) race, alcohol intake, gender, and allergies
C) weight, body fat, laboratory...
A client presents with a mild concussion following a fall. Which nursing diagnosis is least likely to be made for this client?
A) Acute Pain
B) Acute Confusion
C) Nausea
D) Risk for Post-Trauma Syndrome
While caring for a client with increased intracranial pressure (IICP), a family member asks to assist. Which interventions are appropriate for the nurse to teach the family member regarding this client's care?
Select all that apply.
The nurse is caring for a client with increased intracranial pressure, and reduces stimuli by: (Select all that apply.)
Standard Text: Select all that apply.
1. Placing a sign on the client's door that says "No visitors...
A school-age client loses consciousness after being hit in the head with a bat at baseball practice. The child was not wearing a helmet. The last set of vital signs showed heart rate 48, blood pressure 148/74 mmHG, and respiratory rate 28 and...
The nurse is planning discharge teaching for a child with epilepsy who is prescribed phenytoin (Dilantin). Which information is important for the nurse to include in these instructions?
A) Take the medication with milk.
B) Brush teeth less...
The nurse is reviewing the effectiveness of care provided to a client diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder. Which outcomes would indicate the interventions in the plan of care have been effective? Select all that apply.
A) The client...
The nurse is reviewing the effectiveness of care provided to a client diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Which of the following would indicate that interventions have been beneficial for this client?
  1. The client...
When caring for a client newly diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder, which action by the nurse is appropriate?
A) Teach ritual interruption skills.
B) Interrupt the ritual.
C) Do not interrupt the ritual.
D) Teach about...
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