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Which statement is true regarding clients and the use of “natural products” such as herbs?
1. Clients do not always reveal their use of natural products. Only one third of clients are providing information regarding complementary...
A client asks the nurse about a new treatment for Alzheimer disease that the client found during a search of the Internet. The treatment is based upon alternative medicine strategies. How should the nurse respond to questions about this treatment?
The high school graduate is considering pharmacy as a career. What is true of the level of education necessary for licensure as a pharmacist?
1. The pharmacist can enter practice as an intern pharmacist with an associate degree.
2. Once a...
A patient has been experiencing lower back pain for over a year and has decided to seek chiropractic therapy. This form of CAM falls under which integrative therapy?
1. Mind–body therapy
2. Biologically-based therapy
3. Manipulative...
The nurse has been asked to provide a health-promotion session for a group of preschool children. Can the nurse work in this capacity?
1. No; health-promotion activities are limited to individual sessions.
2. The nurse may do so only if...
A client who has been considering smoking cessation says “I’ve already quit. I haven’t had a cigarette for 6 weeks.” According to Prochaska and DiClemente, in which stage of change is this client?
1. Preparation
The nurse is involved in an organization whose goal is to help children make the decision not use tobacco. Which type of health organization does this represent?
1. Health protection
2. Health restoration
3. Preventive health...
The nurse working to promote a client’s health identifies that the client did not finish high school. Using Pender’s Health-Promotion Model, the nurse classifies this information as which personal factor?
1. Biologic
2. Psychologic
What is considered the state in which a person experiences a disturbance in the belief or value system that provides strength, hope, and meaning to life?
1. Spiritual awakening
2. Impaired religiosity
3. Spiritual distress
Pain is a cultural universal. What does this mean?
1. Treatment for pain is the same in all cultures.
2. People of all cultures experience pain, but the expression of pain may vary from one culture to another.
3. People of all cultures...
Verbal communication becomes even more difficult when an interaction involves people who speak different languages. What can a nurse do to mitigate this difficulty?
1. Speak quickly so the client can understand more rapidly.
2. Speak...
A patient takes herbal medicines, vitamins, and eats only whole or organic foods. Based on this information, what is this patient practicing?
1. Mind–body alternative therapies
2. Biologically-based alternative therapies
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