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The first people to use lithium as a form of chemotherapy were the ______.   
Which one of the following disorders involves a persistent re-experiencing of a traumatic event?
  a. Acute Stress Disorder
 b. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
 c. Trichotillomania
 d. Generalized...
______ drugs have been used to treat people with bipolar disorder who do not respond to    
      lithium or cannot tolerate it.   
Selective abstraction is a process used in which of the following cognitive distortions?   
      a.   magnification and...
The majority of suicides are apparently connected with ______.
  a. conversion disorder c. schizophrenia
   b. severe mood disorders d. adjustment disorder

The most common diagnosable mood disorder is ______.      
      a.   major depressive...
Dysthymic disorder affects about ______ percent of the general population at some point.
  a. 4 c. 24
   b. 14 d. 34

Reggie goes on a disastrous date. Afterwards he says "I really messed it up this time!" His
      statement reflects a(n) ______ attribution.   
Barbiturates ______ create psychological dependence and ______ create physiological
  a. do not, do not c. do not, quickly
   b. quickly, do not d. rapidly, quickly
Interpersonal psychotherapy is relatively ______ and focuses on a client’s ______
      interpersonal relationships.
      a.   brief,...
Regarding the cognitive-behavioral counselors' approach to empathy, which of the following is true.
  a. Empathy allows the counselor to build rapport in order to get to intervention that will change behavior/thoughts but do...
Aaron Beck refers to an error in thinking as ______.               
      a.   cognitive...
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