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In what decade were railroads first in general use in Britain?
A) 1820s
B) 1800s
C) 1840s
D) 1860s
Where was a division of labor first used?
A) large handicraft workshops
B) textile factories
C) the domestic system
D) cottage industry
Between 1680 and 1820, the English population ________.
A) doubled
B) fell by half
C) quadrupled
D) increased by 10 percent
The Opium War resulted from  ________.
A) British attempts to stop the Chinese from selling an illegal drug
B) British attempts to shut down the opium trade from India to China
C) Chinese attempts to buy more opium from India and...
From a dozen in 1750, the number of banks in England rose to ______in 1800.
A) 300
B) 50
C) 120
D) 650
Because of their demand for _______ , expanding railroads became major consumers of industrial goods.
A) iron
B) coal
C) wood
D) oil
Which of these was invented by James Hargreaves in 1767?
A) the spinning jenny
B) to cotton gin
C) the water frame
D) the spinning wheel
Luddites opposed ________.
A) industrialization
B) child labor laws
C) employing women in factories
D) industrial capitalism
The policy of Russification ________.
A) imposed Russian culture on peoples of the Russian Empire
B) was the Polish policy of adopting Russian culture
C) tied Russian culture to the spread of communism
D) promoted Russian secular...
Which political party dominated French politics by 1914?
A) Radical Party
B) Socialist Party
C) Republican Party
D) Catholic Party
The Dreyfus Affair ultimately revealed deep divisions in France over what issue?
A) the role of the Catholic Church in French life
B) extension of the franchise
C) control of public education
D) the survival of the Bonaparte...
Changes in educational opportunities for women between 1880 and 1914 indicate ________.
A) a great variation among nations
B) more opportunity in central Europe
C) more opportunity in Protestant nations
D) most nations provided...
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