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All of the factors that bind group members together into a coherent social entity are collectively known as ________.
A) social norms
B) social influences
C) cohesiveness
D) ingratiation
E) individuation
Which of the following statements best define a product differentiation strategy?
A) It describes how an organization can increase customer base by differentiating its' product prices from its competitors.
B) It is an...
People have a limited capacity to engage their will power in the controlling of their own thinking. This is called ________.
A) ego management
B) self-regulation
C) depressive pessimism
D) task orientation
People tend to prefer being around others who are like themselves, a principle called ____.
a.   matching hypothesis
b.   selective segregation
c.   selective association
Students entering college who had social networks with more ____ attitudes toward affirmative action exhibited ____ change over the following two months.
A) diverse; more
B) similar; more
C) diverse; no
D) diverse: less
Although there are many marketing activities that impact the success or failure of strategy-implementation efforts, three activities are indicated in the text as being especially important. What are these three activities? Discuss why they are so...
What are real options?
The ability of a group of firms to work together to reduce competition in their market or industry is called ________.
A) collaboration
B) fragmentation
C) collusion
D) differentiation
Explicit collusion exists when firms in an industry directly negotiate agreements about how to reduce competition.
[True or False?]
Tacit collusion exists when firms cooperate in reducing competition, but engage in no face to face negotiations to do so.
[True or False?]
Firms with homogeneous resources and capabilities that cooperate to reduce competition below a perfect competition level can generate economic profits, but in doing so reduce social welfare in a phenomenon called ________ loss.
A) abnormal
Tacit collusion is more likely when firms produce and sell ________ products or services.
A) similar
B) dissimilar
C) many
D) diverse
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