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Question and answer periods should be
a.avoided at all costs.
b.prepared for by writing down the answers to any questions that might come up.
c.prepared for by predicting questions and preparing slides to answer them.
For the first time, a retail manager is designing slides for a computer-assisted presentation to accompany her training session. She should avoid    
a. using the same old templates provided by the software.
b. trying to create...
A teacher is preparing a lecture in which she is using a PowerPoint presentation. While rehearsing, it is important that she
a.rehearse at home with her own equipment.
b.rehearse with the equipment that is in the room in which she will be...
When showing a presentation aid during a speech, you should
a.just show it and not spend time explaining what they can see for themselves.
b.leave the aid up for the duration of the speech so the audience has time to absorb it.
The text discusses the need to know your aids intimately. This includes
a.talk to your aids during the speech.
b.look at your aids as you discuss them.
c.do your rehearsal with the aids.
d.use only aids that are relevant.
Which option is most widely used when printing slides for handouts?
d.slides with speakers notes.
When printing slides for your speech, the ________ option provides for easy readability and is especially useful for slides of table or graphs.
d.slides with speakers notes.
Which of these is an advantage that computer-assisted aids provide that is not available with other types of aids?
a.maintain interest and attention
b.option for multiple formats
c.add clarity
d.reinforce your message
What is a benefit of providing handouts to accompany a presentation?
a.to help explain complex material.
b.to combine the verbal and nonverbal component of the material.
c.to take the focus off of you during your presentation.
A student is giving a speech on presidents and how they communicate with the public. One of her topics is Franklin D. Roosevelts fireside chats that were on the radio in the 1930s. What is most effective way for her to present this information?
Hair Is Us was sponsoring a talk on the latest hairstyles. What aid would be best for them to use?
What is a good presentation aid to use when you want to illustrate the locations of geographic features?
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