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"Older adults make more memory errors than young and middle-aged adults do." This statement is an example of prediction, one of the goals of psychology.
Which of the following is not a factor that influences the living arrangements of older adults?   
A) number of daughters and sons   
B) ethnicity   
C) income   
D) hobbies or leisure-time...
The cumulative negative effects of caregiving experienced by the caregiver, such as more frequent illness or impaired immune system function, may be collectively termed ________.   
A) generativity gap   
B) mid-life...
Which of the following is not a factor that contributes to the decline in the frequency of sexual interaction across late adulthood?   
A) use of blood pressure medication   
B) menopause   
C) social...
What reproductive event in middle adulthood is climacteric?   
A) a loss of interest in sexual activity   
B) the occurrence of menopause   
C) an increase in the number of miscarriages   
What condition results when deposits of plaque cause the arteries to narrow or become blocked?   
A) osteoarthritis   
B) pulmonary embolism   
C) atherosclerosis   
D) diabetes
According to research, what is the most common effect of activity upon later life?   
A) increased mortality because the effects of disabling conditions such as diabetes may be magnified   
B) greater life satisfaction...
Which of the following is not true regarding children's understanding of death?   
A) A 5-year-old is not able to fully understand that death is permanent.   
B) A 6-year-old is able to understand that death is...
Which of the following is the best explanation for a young adult's belief that she is too lucky to die, even though she knows that death can happen to other people?   
A) egocentrism   
B) a borderline personality...
Which theory of aging suggests that aging occurs when undesirable bonds form between proteins or fats, resulting in molecules that cannot assume the correct shape for their proper function?   
A) Hayflick limit   
B) DNA...
What is the most significant meaning of death for most adults?   
A) loss   
B) punishment   
C) justice   
D) renewal
Which of the following is not a risk factor for the occurrence of elder abuse?   
A) mental illness or alcoholism in the abuser   
B) social isolation   
C) external stresses   
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