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Which of these Egyptian cities was founded by the Muslim Arabs?
A) Cairo
B) Alexandria
C) Thebes
D) Memphis
The Hijra marked a departure in the history of Islam because it marked________.
A) the creation of a separate Muslim community
B) the first recording of the Qur’an
C) the foundation of Medina
D) the death of Muhammad
Muslims believe that Muhammad received his revelations from________.
A) God through Abraham
B) God through the angel Gabriel
C) God through Jesus
D) God through Moses
Under the Macedonian dynasty, Constantinople________.
A) enjoyed a prosperous economy
B) was conquered by the Bulgarians
C) became the new seat of the papacy
D) was repeatedly plundered by Kievan Rus
How was the Byzantine army organized?
A) under the legion system used by the Romans
B) on the Persian military model
C) into four themes or military districts commanded by generals
D) into multiple provinces commanded by...
The Abbasid caliphate established their capital in________.
A) Constantinople
B) Alexandria
C) Mecca
D) Baghdad
The conversion of the Slavic peoples in eastern Europe brought ________.
A) a complicated pattern of religious affiliations
B) the triumph of Orthodoxy in that region
C) Catholic control of the region
D) the conversion of Slavs...
Feudalism is best understood as a________.
A) system designed to increase the power of lords rather than vassals
B) reciprocal personal economic and political relationship between lord and vassal
C) way for vassals to advance...
Around 750, Britain was organized into ________.
A) three kingdoms
B) a single kingdom
C) seven kingdoms
D) many small tribes
The legal system in the kingdoms of Latin Christendom________.
A) was based exclusively on Germanic legal traditions
B) was rooted primarily in Christian theology
C) was a continuation of Roman legal practices
D) ultimately merged...
Charlemagne’s coronation as emperor of the Romans________.
A) was forced on him by the pope
B) was simply a meaningless title he took to please the pope
C) revealed Charlemagne’s desire to recreate the idea of the Roman Empire
Hugh Capet________.
   was a Saxon king who defeated the Danes
   sponsored a revival of learning in Saxony
   controlled a feudal domain known as France
   was crowned...
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