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Damika (12-months-old) watched as his care teacher put two dolls in the box. The box had a hole in it so that he could pull out one doll at a time. We would expect him to:
A) after pulling the 2 dolls out, he would reach in a third time
When Alan talked about the car going by, his care teacher said, "Yes, a blue car." She was using:
A) self-talk
B) a directive style
C) parallel talk
D) semantic elaboration
A vehicle with a linear EGR valve has a piece of carbon stuck in the valve, causing it to be partially open all the time. What symptom would this cause?
A) High exhaust system pressure      B) Stalling
C) Both A and B ...
The linear EGR valve uses ________ to control the opening of the valve.
A) A pressure valve      B) Vacuum
C) A pulse-width modulated solenoid      D) None of these
Which of the following are symptoms of a clogged EGR passage?
A) Detonation during acceleration or cruise      B) Reduced NOx emissions
C) Poor performance and lack of power.      D) Rough idle and stalling
Which type of EGR valve requires a positive exhaust system pressure to operate?
A) Negative backpressure      B) Digital
C) Positive backpressure      D) Linear
In which of the following conditions is EGR not commanded?
A) Idle      B) Wide open throttle
C) Cold engine      D) All of these are correct.
The following statements are all correct EXCEPT ________
A) Some systems monitor EGR operation by using a MAP sensor.
B) Low restriction exhaust systems will have no effect on EGR system operation.
C) The PCM controls vacuum applied to...
The following statements are all correct EXCEPT ________
A) OBD-II vehicles require monitoring of the EGR system.
B) Many vehicles use the MAP sensor to monitor EGR operation.
C) The MIL will be turned on after the second failure.
When the exhaust is rich, the PCM applies a ________ current into the pump cell (dual cell sensor).
A) Negative      B) Positive      C) Neutral      D) None of these
In some hybrid electric vehicles, the wide band oxygen sensor can cause the PCM to enter closed loop ________.
A) By the time the vehicle reaches 60 mph      B) Within 10 seconds of engine (ICE) start-up
C) As soon as the...
When the air/fuel ratio is expressed as lambda, a lambda number of less than 1 indicates a ________ exhaust.
A) Excessively cold      B) Lean      C) Rich      D) Excessively hot
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