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The energy in food is measured in
  A. grams.
  B. calories.
  C. kilograms.
  D. Celsius.

Q. 2
The Roman policy concerning conquered territories was generally ________.
A) lenient
B) harsh
C) based on fear
D) democratic
Rome took control of the Italian peninsula ________.
A) through a combination of conquest and diplomacy
B) through commercial alliances
C) by making peace with the Etruscans
D) after defeating Carthage
Which of these Roman gods was largely modeled on the Greek Zeus?
A) Jupiter
B) Pluto
C) Hephaestus
D) Ares
Which of these powers was preeminent in the western Mediterranean by 300 B.C.E.?
A) Carthage
B) Rome
C) Athens
D) Persia
The Law of the Twelve Tables was published about ________.
A) 450 B.C.E.
B) 350 B.C.E.
C) 250 B.C.E.
D) 550 B.C.E.
The Roman Republic collapsed primarily because of________.
A) slavery
B) a gap between the most powerful and the lower classes
C) Julius Caesar’s greed
D) Christianity
Which social group dominated the Roman Republic?
A) the plebeians
B) the patricians
C) the monarchy
D) foreigners
Which of these was a Roman playwright?
A) Plautus
B) Scipio
C) Livy
D) Horace
During the early years after Rome’s founding, the Roman political system was a(n)________.
A) democracy
B) monarchy
C) republic
D) oligarchy
________ plays a critical role as a neurotransmitter that stimulates skeletal muscles to contract.
A) Dopamine      B) Acetylcholine      C) GABA      D) Endorphin
What does the cult of Cybele illustrate about Roman religious beliefs and practices?
A) a willingness to adopt foreign gods
B) a demand that conquered peoples accept Roman gods
C) admiration of Greek gods and religious practices
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