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The sensor that measures the temperature of the air being drawn into the engine is called a(an) ________.
A) IAT      B) NTC thermistor      C) PTC thermistor      D) Both A and B
All of the following are approved methods for diagnosing an ECT (engine coolant temperature) sensor EXCEPT ________.
A) Substituting a variable resistor
B) Scan tool
C) Observing resistance values at a specified temperature
A P0118 DTC is being discussed.  Technician A says that the ECT sensor could be shorted internally.  Technician B says the signal wire could be open. Which technician is correct?
A) Technician A only
B) Technician B only
When testing the ECT sensor with the connector disconnected, the technician should select what position on the DMM?
A) AC volts      B) Hz (hertz)      C) DC volts      D) Ohms
What happens to the voltage measured at the ECT sensor when the thermostat opens?
A) Increases about 1 volt      B) Decreases about 1 volt
C) Decreases slightly      D) Increases slightly
A typical IAT or ECT sensor reads about 3000 ohms when tested using a DMM. This resistance represents a temperature of about ________.
A) 120°F (50°C)      B) 70°F (20°C)      C) 284°F (140°C)   ...
When checking the ECT sensor with a scan tool, about what temperature should be displayed if the connector is removed from the sensor with the key on, engine off?
A) -40°F (-40°C)      B) 120°F (50°C)      C)...
Two technicians are discussing the IAT sensor. Technician A says that the IAT sensor is more important to the operation of the engine (higher authority) than the ECT sensor. Technician B says that the PCM will add fuel if the IAT indicates that the...
When testing an ECT sensor on a vehicle, a digital multimeter can be used and the signal wires back probed. What setting should the technician use to test the sensor?
A) Hz (hertz)      B) DC volts      C) AC...
Two technicians are discussing a stepped ECT circuit. Technician A says that the sensor used for a stepped circuit is different from the one used in a non-stepped circuit. Technician B says that a stepped ECT circuit uses different internal...
Technician A says that other temperature sensors that operate like the ECT include transmission fluid temperature (TFT), and engine oil temperature sensors. Technician B says that all temperature sensors increase in resistance as the temperature...
If the transmission fluid temperature (TFT) sensor indicates cold automatic transmission fluid, what would the PCM do to the shifts?
A) Disable torque converter clutch; normal shift points
B) Normal shifts but overdrive will be disabled
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