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The policy of perestroika called for ________.
A) economic restructuring
B) greater transparency in the Soviet government
C) the end of the gulags
D) a multiparty system
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Gorbachev’s glasnost attacked _______.
A) the culture of the Soviet political system
B) communism
C) collectivization
D) the suppression of eastern European nations by the Soviet Union
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Détente was a period of ________.
A) better relations between the Soviet Union and the United States
B) increased Cold War tensions
C) greater cooperation among European nations
D) conflict among eastern bloc nations
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The Green Party was most successful in which European country in the 1980s?
A) Great Britain
B) France
C) Italy
D) West Germany
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American and Soviet relations deteriorated during the presidency of Jimmy Carter because________.
A) Carter stressed the importance of human rights in shaping foreign policy
B) the United States continued to support Israel
C) the...
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What major influence led to an international shift from a bipolar system to a unipolar system?
  a. The Latin American debt crisis
  b. The collapse of the Soviet Union
  c. The rise of China as a...
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Which of these are considered the high point of détente?
A) the Helsinki Accords
B) the Bretton Woods Agreement
C) the creation of the Warsaw Pact
D) the building of the Berlin Wall
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The dominant cultural trend of the late 1900s and early 2000s is _______.
A) postmodernism
B) realism
C) modernism
D) romanticism
Added by bay.runnels
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The end of the Cold War changed the meaning of the West because ________.
A) territories shifted hands in Eastern Europe
B) the main enemy of the West disappeared
C) an economic decline followed the collapse of the Soviet Union
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Quiz Me
Slobodan Miloševic ________.
A) led the Croatian forces against Serbia
B) was a popular spokesperson for Serbian nationalism
C) encouraged a peaceful resolution to Serbian and Croatian differences
D) opposed the use of ethnic...
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Euro-Islam is best considered a _______ Islamism.
A) rejection of
B) reconciliation with
C) form of
D) radical version of
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Helmut Kohl illustrates what twentieth-century political ideology?
A) New Conservatism
B) the Greens
C) social democracy
D) coalition government
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