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1) Mr. Garland frequently comments, "Good job." Which of the following is most likely true about this?
A) He is being judgmental and should avoid such phrases.
B) He is encouraging them to tell something about their work.
C) He...
2) Which of the following is NOT useful for evaluating children's affective development?
A) Structured and informal observations
B) Anecdotal records
C) Criterion referenced checklists
D) A standardized achievement test
3) In order for a sale to have taken place, the purchased goods need to be delivered to the buyer immediately.
  Indicate whether the statement is true or false
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4) Determine the correct order of events involved in seasonal turnover.

Drag the labels onto the flowchart of seasonal turnover. Labels may be used once, more than once, or not at all.

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5) Which of the following portfolios is passed from teacher to teacher at the end of the year?
A) Individual portfolio
B) Teacher portfolio
C) Showcase portfolio
D) Institutional portfolio
6) What is the primary reason for teachers to collect assessment data?
A) Prevent children from dropping out of school
B) Inform instruction
C) Preserve cultural bias.
D) Add to a child's portfolio
7) Three-year-old Samantha clung to her mother and cried vigorously every morning when she was brought to the St. Mary's Childcare center. Ms. Brines began phoning Samantha's mother after she had settled down to play after having discussed...
8) What is the best feature of using portfolios?
  a. They focus on what children can do.
  b. They clearly document what children have failed to learn.
  c. They are less time consuming than giving a...
9) Which is true of rating scales?
A) They always have an evaluative component qualifying behavior or skill acquisition.
B) They have built-in objectivity.
C) They are essentially the same as time-sample participation charts.
D) They...
10) ________ muscles allow movement by being attached to bones in the body.
  a. Smooth
  b. Skeletal
  c. Cardiac
  d. Hard
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