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What West Coast saxophonist found success playing love vibrations for flower children in the 1960s?
  a. Stan Getz
 b. Charles Lloyd
 c. John Coltrane
 d. Paul Desmond
Added by Mao Mao1
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Caitlin found it very hard to talk to her brother at the football game until she tuned out the cheering and focused directly on him. The strategy she is using here is ________.
a.   sensory adaptation
Added by dallons
Quiz Me
When diagnosing a vibration, technician A asks the customer about any recent work that has been performed on the vehicle. Technician B says that misaligned engine or transmission mounts can cause vibration. Which technician is correct?
Added by Bryce6
Quiz Me
The volume in the cylinder above the piston when the piston is at the bottom of the stroke (BDC) compared to the volume in the cylinder above the piston when the piston is at the top of the stroke (TDC) is referred to as ________.
A) Volumetric...
Added by Eric Chan1
Quiz Me
During a planned maintenance call, technicians should check the power wiring to make sure:
  A) The unit is not grounded.
  B) Any resilient mounted motors are isolated from ground.
  C) The unit is...
What are the three parts of a proof story?
  a. Biography, action, reaction
  b. Background, action, results
  c. Beginning, situation, reaction
  d. Background, reaction, recommendation
Of the following four motorists, who is speculating?
A) The one driving on empty, looking for the best gasoline price in town
B) The one who fills his gasoline tank believing he has found the lowest gas price around
C) The one who...
Many small entrepreneurial firms don't have a deliberately planned organizational structure because ________.
A) they are inefficient
B) small firms never need structure
C) the IRS prevents them from having a structure
D) one...
Which of the following describes a quesadilla?
  A) Filled tortilla that is folded and fried
  B) Braised chicken or steak with rice
  C) Fried corn tortillas and queso fresco
Added by Amanda Dong
Quiz Me
The meaning we attach to an event will depend on factors including all of the following EXCEPT
  a. cultural background.
  b. mental stability.
  c. experiences.
  d. future events.
An asteroid revolves around the Sun with a perihelion 0.5 AU and an aphelion of 7.5 AU. What is its period of revolution?
 a. 4 years
  b. 8 years
  c. 16 years
  d. 32 years
  e. 64 years
Added by Alroms
Quiz Me
A 200 g hockey puck is launched up a metal ramp that is inclined at a 30° angle. The coefficients of static and kinetic friction between the hockey puck and the metal ramp are μs = 0.40 and μk = 0.30, respectively. The puck's initial speed is...
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