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Does anyone know what test bank these two multiple choice questions are from?

Diabetes insipidus is caused by decreased levels of which of the following hormones?

A structure known as the corpus luteum secretes?
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Human Anatomy (7th Edition)
by Elaine N. Marieb (Author), Patricia Brady Wilhelm (Author), Jon B. Mallatt (Author)

ISBN-13: 978-0321822413  ISBN-10: 0321822412   
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Which of the following could be attributed to the availability heuristic?
A) People overestimate the wealth of a person after hearing a ridiculously high estimate.
B) Students who live on college campuses underestimate the average age of...
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People who believe they were born into the body of the wrong sex are
a. homosexual
b. transgendered
c. hermaphrodites
d. transvestites
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Two well-documented leadership styles are ______ and ______.
a. severe; moderate
b. people-oriented; task-oriented
c. casual; intense
d. thoughtful; thoughtless
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Which factor reduces social loafing?
a. When failure is possible if and only if loafing occurs.
b. When people believe their performance will not be evaluated.
c. When the task is not important.
d. When the group is not valued by...
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The most critical element in decision making, especially in the early stages, is
a. taking risks
b. clarifying values
c. vigorous information processing
d. justifying your choices
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Which of these is NOT a stage in the recommended process for decision making?
a. search for alternatives
b. make a commitment
c. rise to the challenge
d. avoid looking back
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Optimism is especially appropriate in those situations in which
a. you want to gain people's confidence
b. your goal involves a high degree of risk
c. the cost of failure is high
d. you want to be sympathetic with...
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Carol likes Dr. Reed, the supervisor of her practice teaching. In fact, Carol often finds herself adopting many of Dr. Reed's methods and mannerisms in the classroom. Bandura refers to this type of learning as
a. classical conditioning
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From 3 to 6 years of age, children are faced with the crisis of
a. autonomy vs. shame
b. trust vs. mistrust
c. identity vs. role confusion
d. initiative vs. guilt
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Which of the following goods should Pin Department Store include in its December 31 count?
A) Goods in transit purchased F.O.B. shipping point
B) Goods that have been consigned to Dalton Brothers
C) Goods available for sale in the...
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