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Posting Guidelines to Asking Questions and Starting Discussions
Creating New Threads
1.1  Start topics in the most relevant forum category. Requesting notes, study guides, etc., can only go in one of these forum categories.
1.2  Don't post personal attacks against other members. Take up whatever your issue you have with them privately.
1.3  Search before you post a new thread, because there's a good chance someone already posted it.
2.1  Your topic/question title must be as descriptive as possible using less than 80 characters. Avoid vague topic titles such as "need help", "Homework Help!", "PLEASE HELP!!!!", etc. Topics with these titles will be ignored.
2.2  Show that you've attempted to answer the question.
2.3  Homework questions must be written out word-for-word. Attaching a screenshot with the question(s) or posting a document with the question(s) will be ignored.
2.4  Limit each thread to a maximum of two questions.
3.1  Don't post in threads just to "bump" them to the top of the list of threads. If you would like to push your thread to the top, you'll need to wait at least 24 hours since your last post.
3.2  Don't hijack threads/topics. This means, don't ask another question or deliberately change the topic within another member's thread.
3.3  Don't post things that have no relevance to anyone other than who you are replying to (for example, posting "PM Sent" or something along those lines) is not necessary. If you really want to let someone know you sent them a private message, tell them in an extra private message to them.
3.4  Don't mask your links with a URL that redirects the user. If you want to link to something, link to the actual page. This includes affiliate links which are only allowed in signatures (not posts).
3.5  Don't post stuff that is a copy/paste. We don't have any need for duplicate content/plagiarism.
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