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Posted by bio_man   May 2, 2022   451 views

Dall’s Porpoise are among the fastest swimmers of all cetaceans, which includes dolphins and whales. This porpoise swims at such high speeds – up to 56 km/h (35 mph) – that observers often see only the cone-shaped water spray kicked up by its head, rather than the porpoise itself. The Dall’s porpoise often playfully rides the waves rolling off the bows and sterns of boats. As it plays, it sometimes zigzags over the waves so vigorously that it unwittingly escapes the aim of harpooners poised on deck.

Due to its athletic habits, this porpoise must eat a great deal of food – up to 15 kg (33 lb) a day. It feeds on small fish and various cephalopods, including squid, primarily at night. ...

Porpoise Speed Mammals Cetacean Fast
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Posted by Biology Forums   May 1, 2022   517 views
Some people are born with a green thumb – they need only pick up a watering can to make their gardens teem with brilliant flowers and vegetables. To the rest of us, gardening comes less naturally. And for some people, it’s a complete and utter mystery. But growing productive, vivacious plants doesn’t have to be hard. Following these simple guidelines can turn even the most fumbling gardener into a veritable Farmer John.

Avoid over-watering

Watering is one of the most confusing and misunderstood gardening chores. Over-watering encourages shallow root systems, makes plants more susceptible to disease, and wastes water. Roots in waterlogged soil cannot breathe; as a result, plants wilt, turn yellow, rot, and die.

Follow a few simple rules of thum ...

Horticulture gardening pesticides fertilizers plants
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Posted by duddy   April 25, 2022   617 views

This video brings to life the evolution of aggresive behavior in a population, and its relation to game theory – the field of mathematics concerned with quantifying strategic behavior and decision-making. The author illustrates what happens in an artificial population of species that exhibit two entirely different strategies as they compete for resources. In the first strategy called ‘dove’, organisms are required to share their food source with the other if both happen to land at the same site after being randomly shuffled. Sharing your food source allows the organism to survive another cycle, but not reproduce, unless they’re fortunate enough to land at a site all by them self. The author shows that if this cooperative strategy is ...

behavior evolution mathematics game theory
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Posted by duddy   April 25, 2022   665 views

The thalidomide ordeal that started in the 1950s is a tragic case of what happens when key players in the scientific community dismiss or ignore widespread correlations among two or more coinciding events. In the mid-century, a German pharmaceutical company named Chemie Grunenthal discovered and developed a synthetic sedative called thalidomide that was used to treat sleeplessness, and reduce morning sickness and nausea commonly experienced by pregnant women. While most countries around the world embraced and sold the product for a short period of time, including Canada, the United States’ Food and Drug Administration at the time, which was headed by a Canadian-born medical doctor named Dr. Kelsey, refused to approve its use in the countr ...

pharmaceutical industry teratogen thalidomide COVID vaccines
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Posted by bio_man   March 4, 2022   1986 views
Whenever I think of the topic of government spying, I get flashbacks from a scene of a movie called "Good Will Hunting". In this one scene, the protagonist, who, in typical Hollywood fashion happens to be a polymath in practically all math and science-related subjects, is interviewed by the NSA after learning of his problem-solving brilliance. During the interview, the agent asks the protagonist why he has doubts about working for them, only to learn what the protagonists actually thinks of their organization. He believes that by working for the NSA, his codebreaking skills would only be used to inflict harm on others, and lead to a chain reaction of unexpected catastrophic events.

Unfortunately, many people hold the belief that intelligence ...

NSA government security cryptography DES Snowden
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I have never been one to think of conspiracy theories and have always felt that the government has our best interests at heart but after reading about DES and the Elliptic Curve Backdoor and later, the information revealed by Snowden, I can't help bu ...
Posted on Apr 25, 2022 by detimo
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