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Posted by bio_man   October 18, 2019   226 views

Summer is officially over, and fall has arrived. With this season comes runny noses and doctor visits. Save yourself the time and money, because it's either the common cold or the flu, both of which have no cure other than to rest and endure the discomfort. Luckily, you can be immunized for the flu, but not the cold. In fact, many people battle the cold several times a year, rather than developing a natural immunity towards it, why is that

The primary reason that immunity generally does not develop against the common cold is that there is not a single cause of the disease. Over 200 serotypes of viruses, including enteroviruses (previously called rhinoviruses), coronaviruses, and adenoviruses, can cause the symptoms of the common cold. Ther [ ... ]

Cold virus Microbiology Immune System Winter Fall medical Viruses
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Posted by bio_man   October 10, 2019   371 views

There's more to studying than simply memorization and practice. It turns out that your diet also plays a pivotal role in recalling key bits of information, while keeping you energized and focused in the process. We're not talking about those scam-ridden supplements that promise a boost in brain power, but simple natural foods such as milk, nuts, seeds, rice, and oats.

The nutrients found in these items help your study efforts by releasing natural memory enhancers called CCKs ( cholecystokinin). When CCK crosses the blood-brain barrier, it acts as a neurotransmitter associated with memory. Studies have shown that learning and memory processes are severely damaged (in rats) that genetically do not respond to the presence of CCK. And in people [ ... ]

Memory Studying Tests Diet Fish Neurotransmitters Brain
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very informative
Posted on Oct 11, 2019 by ryann
Posted by bio_man   October 6, 2019   496 views

With so many diets springing up these days - from keto to the paleo diet - the one thing they all "arguably" have in common is weight loss. With that being said, I introduce to you the fork and spoon diet. Simply drill a hole into your spoon, and break a few tines off your fork, and you get the ultimate weight loss formula! [ ... ]

Satire Weight Loss Diet
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Posted by bio_man   October 5, 2019   517 views

Have you ever felt awkward staring into a person's eyes while holding up a conversation? It turns out that there is a good scientific reason why some of us struggle with this. Research tells us that staring while trying to come up with the right words actually uses the same mental resources as sustaining eye contact.

Scientists from Kyoto University in Japan put this to the test in 2016 by having 26 volunteers play word association games while staring at computer-generated faces. When making eye contact, the participants found it harder to come up with links between words, suggesting that there is interference between these processes.

The volunteers were tested while looking at both animations of faces making eye contact and animations of fac [ ... ]

Staring Conversations Japan Mental processing psychology
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Posted by bio_man   September 27, 2019   815 views

Ever wondered why traditional ballpoint pens are capped with a vent? If you search online, you'll find several theories as to why, from the outrageous being that it prevents suffocation if a child were to inhale it, to the possibility that the company made it purposefully to dry out the ink and make the user buy a new pen.

Others have even suggested a greater science behind it, saying that the hole either creates the same level of air pressure inside and outside of the pen, allowing the ink to flow into the point, or to make it easier to remove the cap.

It turns out that one of these claims is actually true, can you guess which one?

According to the website of the ballpoint pen inventor, BIC writes that "all our BIC caps comply with internati [ ... ]

Pens Choking
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How could a child swallow a pen cap?
Posted on Sep 27, 2019 by mathinator
Beats me, but there have been recorded deaths, so it's a problem clearly.
Posted on Sep 27, 2019 by bio_man
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