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Subject Comments Views Author Date Written
Why do we get brain freeze?
view preview
2 6120 duddy 4 months ago
Why do hard liquors keep you warm?
view preview
0 2986 duddy 4 months ago
China closed the world's highest and longest glass bridge after just 16 days
view preview
0 3921 duddy 5 months ago
Chances are you're an envious person
view preview
0 3773 duddy 5 months ago
Our butts are the largest in the animal kingdom. Why?
view preview
4 3113 duddy 5 months ago
Gene-edited cows
view preview
0 3528 duddy 5 months ago
Early birds versus night owls
view preview
1 3399 duddy 5 months ago
Bullying is an effective evolutionary strategy
view preview
0 2360 duddy 5 months ago
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