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Subject Comments Views Author Date Written
A buttload of coachroaches
view preview
4 8552 duddy A year ago
A precious gift from mother nature
view preview
1 4518 duddy A year ago
Do black panthers have spots?
view preview
2 4800 duddy A year ago
Medical science at its best
view preview
2 3676 duddy A year ago
Incredible, these ants can build live bridges with their bodies
view preview
1 2718 duddy A year ago
Move over Wi-Fi, there's a new sheriff in town
view preview
0 1094 duddy A year ago
Watch this incredible bird tap dance to get the female's attention
view preview
0 2149 duddy A year ago
This trick will make your brain see a black-and-white image in color
view preview
1 3094 duddy A year ago
Watch these white blood cells destroy this roundworm
view preview
2 4273 duddy A year ago
World's worst pain
view preview
1 4114 duddy A year ago
Nature's scuba divers
view preview
0 7091 duddy A year ago
Mad honey
view preview
0 6877 duddy A year ago
Sweet tooth explained
view preview
0 5966 duddy A year ago
This smart-watch came out 38 years before the Apple watch
view preview
0 4751 duddy A year ago
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