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Biology Forums - Study Force is a global study community comprised of students and teachers helping each other understand how to solve problems in science, business, humanities, and math-based subjects.
We provides access to various types of study material (e.g. textbook solutions, topic notes, sample problems, practice exams) created by us, indexed from the web, or contributed by our members. As an online study group, fosters social learning through our interactive Q & A board. Members can freely ask and answer questions, and is moderated by our subject matter experts.
Biology Forums - Study Force launched in August 2017. Before then, we were known as As suggested by our old brand, we started off with one topic in mind – Biology. As time progressed, we've responded to the demands of our users by expanding our boards to cover nearly every category. Since 2010, we've been helping students understand how to do their homework and be better prepared for their exams in over 4,000 schools from Miami to Seoul.
Biology Forums - Study Force is a private company headquartered in Detroit, Michigan.
Your 24/7 Study Community for Science, Business, Humanities, Math, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering Help.
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