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This machine plays music using 2000 marbles
view preview
0 3392 duddy 10 months ago
Want to relive the 90's? This emulator let's you use Windows 95 on your browser
view preview
1 3857 duddy A year ago
Grapes are beautiful
view preview
1 16315 duddy A year ago
Flamingos flock along the shoreline of Lake Bogoria, Kenya
view preview
0 10566 duddy A year ago
Our look at Pluto throughout the ages
view preview
3 19420 duddy A year ago
Wheat field meets lavender field
view preview
0 16263 duddy A year ago
A beautifully frozen pond
view preview
0 8600 duddy A year ago
How one perceives beauty is merely superficial
view preview
0 14984 duddy A year ago
This should be done in every math class
view preview
0 17438 duddy A year ago
Velcro seen under a microscope
view preview
0 1216 duddy A year ago
What's it like to float on thin air?
view preview
1 2205 duddy A year ago
Humans and Earth - the battle
view preview
0 2133 ehd123 A year ago
Perfectly timed photo, coincidence?
view preview
0 9960 duddy A year ago
Which box has the car?
view preview
5 17874 duddy A year ago
Miss your Game boy? Bring it back with this device
view preview
4 18428 duddy A year ago
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