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These giant worms enjoy bathing in hydrogen sulfide
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0 3556 bio_man A month ago
Bowhead whales can live for more than 200 years
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0 12798 duddy 4 months ago
Drug-resistant bacteria are no match for this newly discovered compound
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0 3426 bio_man 10 months ago
This is shocking
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0 3452 duddy 11 months ago
How sleep affects memory
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0 4474 duddy A year ago
Non-Newtonian fluids are no longer a mystery
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1 2214 duddy A year ago
Gut bacteria affects mood and brain function in mice
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0 3384 duddy A year ago
Heavy marijuana users produce less dopamine
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0 3688 duddy A year ago
Surfing spider discovered
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0 20852 duddy A year ago
Religious children are meaner than non-religious children
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3 15201 duddy A year ago
Allergic to vibrations?
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1 15699 duddy A year ago
All trees, regardless of size, break once this wind speed is reached
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0 12254 duddy A year ago
Schizophrenia may boil down to a specific gene, scientists find
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0 3996 bio_man A year ago
Should you eat snow?
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0 10156 duddy A year ago
Dogs can read human emotions
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1 8158 duddy A year ago
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