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We've never actually thought of it that way...
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0 5442 duddy A year ago
A physicist's answer to 'does size matter'?
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1 8885 duddy A year ago
Pizza bed
view preview
2 6085 duddy 2 years ago
Poisonous dihydrogen monoxide
view preview
0 4251 duddy 3 years ago
Which muscles do you work out most often?
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1 2569 savio 3 years ago
What is the technical term for butt crack?
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1 3147 savio 3 years ago
Delicious agar
view preview
0 2115 savio 3 years ago
Narwhals are not ones to play beach volleyball
view preview
1 2914 bio_man 3 years ago
Cheat like a pro
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1 2115 duddy 3 years ago
A medical doctor's alphabet
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8 2733 duddy 3 years ago
What came first: the chicken or the egg?
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1 4329 duddy 4 years ago
What should I be when I grow up?
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2 5498 duddy 4 years ago
Octopus are smarter than cats
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2 7916 bio_man 4 years ago
Marty Mcfly
view preview
1 7467 bio_man 4 years ago
DNA goes out for a couple of drinks
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3 7824 duddy 4 years ago
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