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Animals and their babies
view preview
0 9828 duddy A year ago
This beautiful white coat serves as a perfect camouflage
view preview
2 22789 duddy A year ago
150 thousand people are going to die today
view preview
0 22714 duddy A year ago
This newly discovered bat has one LONG tongue
view preview
0 21812 duddy A year ago
'Photoshop' in the 80s
view preview
1 20771 duddy A year ago
This should be done in every math class
view preview
0 17438 duddy A year ago
How do you weigh an extinct animal?
view preview
0 10508 duddy A year ago
Gliding spiders
view preview
1 10535 duddy A year ago
E-cigarettes - not as evil as we thought
view preview
1 7917 duddy A year ago
Must watch, this ancient Turkish language is whistled
view preview
0 8834 duddy A year ago
Could pink prison cells calm prisoners down? This psychologist thinks so
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0 8834 duddy A year ago
A rare albino whale sighting
view preview
0 1689 duddy A year ago
This bird refuses to land
view preview
0 1690 duddy A year ago
Weird things happen when you stare into someone's eyes
view preview
1 1769 duddy A year ago
Twice the fear, twice the venom
view preview
1 802 duddy A year ago
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