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The future is holography
view preview
1 2776 duddy 2 years ago
Want to see one of the largest insects on this planet?
view preview
0 3148 duddy 2 years ago
How NASA envisioned space colonies in the 1970s
view preview
0 3514 duddy 2 years ago
These chips look good, right?
view preview
1 3621 duddy 2 years ago
And the most stylish bird award goes to...
view preview
0 3514 duddy 2 years ago
An interesting little animal
view preview
0 2597 duddy 2 years ago
World's oldest trees - the oldest living thing
view preview
0 1976 duddy 2 years ago
M&M flavoured honey?
view preview
0 1517 duddy 2 years ago
This bird resembles a piece of candy!
view preview
0 2033 duddy 2 years ago
Terrible if you lost this at the beach
view preview
0 1559 duddy 2 years ago
How a heron bird catches fish - hilarious
view preview
1 2121 duddy 2 years ago
Superfluid liquid helium defies physics as it seeps through glass
view preview
0 2171 duddy 2 years ago
What if the moon was closer... a lot closer?
view preview
0 2160 duddy 2 years ago
Finally, a video game where you build a cell, fight off viruses, and survive harsh worlds
view preview
0 1489 duddy 2 years ago
What are your thoughts on these earbuds?
view preview
1 1844 duddy 2 years ago
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