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Posted by bio_man on Jan 29, 2023
In a world where the internet is increasingly shaping our lives and decisions, the right to anonymity is essential to ensuring that everyone online can exercise their freedom of speech while maintaining their privacy. Biology Forums now offers members the option to remain fully anonymous when making posts and starting new topics. While this feature has been in testing since the fall of 2022, it has now been fully integrated in all parts of the forum. So moving forward, you don't have to worry about being judged by your friends or your educators for expressing your thoughts, opinions, and ideas on our public space. To activate this feature, simply check the "Post Anonymously" checkbox before submitting your post. If you forget to do so, you can also edit your post and then de/activate the option.

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Posted by bio_man on Oct 1, 2019
We've decided to retire the old "Study Force" in place of the new DNA-esque model shown below. The new logo contains remnants of the past, with traces of S and F still found in the DNA molecule – see if you can spot them.


New Logo


New Logo

As always, your thoughts and opinions are encouraged!
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Posted by bio_man on Aug 22, 2018
As requested by several of our community members, we've launched two new features that'll make studying a lot easier this coming school year. Now guests and members can sort through questions based on the textbook that's referenced in the topic. Take, for example, a question posted here. This particular question has referenced a textbook that's indexed in our database. If you click "Browse all questions from this textbook", you'll be redirected to the textbooks index of questions. There you can sort through the questions, quiz yourself, and download and print the complete study guide in PDF format.

The other feature consists of our interactive flashcards! Members and premium members can now save their favorite questions into instant flashcards used to study, share, and export in PDF format. You also have the option to create separate categories called decks based on different topics or chapters covered in your course. Premium members have a slight edge over regular members, as their viewed topics are automatically saved as flashcards for quicker access. Otherwise, you can save any topic manually by clicking a link placed underneath the answer OR create your own cards from scratch.

We plan to add study games that'll help you study these questions more efficiently. In the meantime, we hope these new features help you this coming fall!
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Posted by bio_man on Aug 7, 2018
One of our goals of 2018 is to make a place where you can actually come to study. We want to introduce tools that will help you do that efficiently, so that you spend more time doing the things you like.

Given our huge database of questions available, we wanted a way to filter them by textbook rather than sort through them manually. As a result, we've introduced a smart search feature that allows you to search all questions available from a specific textbook. Just type in the textbook title (or the author) and results will appear instantly along with their front covers for quick identification.

Part of this project also includes flashcards and the ability to sort questions that are marked solved from those that are available for free. As of now, we're still ironing out some minor issues, so if you'd like to try it out, visit the link below:

Search Your Textbook

Thanks for the support, more updates to come!
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Posted by bio_man on Aug 25, 2017
Dear community members,

Over the next few weeks, will officially rebrand to a new name and new URL.

This means that our once beloved Biology-Forums identity will retire once-and-for-all to give rise to a whole new identity. You can even say that Biology-Forums has finally "evolved" over the course of its seven-year life span (no pun intended).

For a while now, our team debated when would be the right time to transition. We decided for the end of August due to obvious reasons: students are just starting their fall semester, and this gives them the perfect opportunity to get reacquainted with the website and its new name. Interestingly, this idea was first proposed back in 2014, and only now has it come to fruition.

Since the beginning of conception, we've been adding new subjects year after year. We now cover over 80 subjects, from business to nursing, mathematics to engineering, and only eight relate to biology. It made sense to us that a change was well overdue. We feel that this change will remove the glass ceiling that has prevented our community from becoming a powerhouse in the online-tutoring market, especially since our guests usually identify our website as a science discussion tool.

In case you're still confused, none of the features you've grown to love will change – neither will the layout or staff. The only thing changing is the website's name and its logo, which will reflect the new URL, Our moto / tagline will also change from Master Your Courses to Problem Solved, because that's what we're good at doing – solving your problems. However, we wholeheartedly believe that you can still master your courses here if you put your trust in our community.

Furthermore, there's no need to memorize the new URL either, because visiting any current URL will automatically redirect you to Study Force - Problem Solved. One thing that's still open to debate is whether we will change all instances of "biology forums" recorded in our database to "study force". For example, the blog below mentions how 'biology forums' is different than tutoring. Should we erase parts of our seven-year history, only time will tell.

For further updates, check back soon,
Biology Forums Study Force Team (sounds a lot better)
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