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Definitive proof of water found on Mars
view preview
0 18674 duddy A year ago
Tiniest snails you'll ever see!
view preview
1 17000 duddy A year ago
Craving a Big Mac? I don't blame you
view preview
2 13034 duddy A year ago
Speedy bacteria
view preview
0 13669 duddy A year ago
Images of Pluto!
view preview
0 18391 duddy A year ago
Turns out that fish oil only benefits those who have the right genes
view preview
0 14837 duddy A year ago
Watch these self-destructing computer chips
view preview
0 20762 duddy A year ago
Why do men with dark hair sometimes possess a reddish beard?
view preview
1 13974 duddy A year ago
This man was paid $18 000 by NASA to lie on his back for 70 days straight
view preview
0 12645 duddy A year ago
Penguins hold the secret to long marriages
view preview
0 14926 duddy A year ago
Back to school? Watch these incredible study tecniques
view preview
0 14879 duddy A year ago
This peanut butter is a health hazard
view preview
1 9230 bio_man A year ago
Who knew hawks were a hummingbird's best friend
view preview
0 11830 duddy A year ago
Why do drugs like MDMA make you feel happy?
view preview
0 10377 duddy A year ago
This strange disease turns one's skin into bone
view preview
0 5310 duddy A year ago
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