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Quite possibly the world's most resistant bacteria
view preview
2 4560 duddy 2 years ago
Would you drink this artificial milk?
view preview
3 4683 duddy 2 years ago
All corn today, as we know corn, is GMO corn
view preview
0 4554 duddy 2 years ago
This may be the coolest apple ever designed
view preview
1 5646 duddy 2 years ago
SAT scores and the music you listen to
view preview
3 4793 duddy 2 years ago
Brains scans have revealed the reason some people get the "winter blues"
view preview
4 5226 duddy 2 years ago
From the Earth to the Moon
view preview
1 4101 duddy 2 years ago
Penguins may not have teeth, but this is just as good
view preview
2 4163 duddy 2 years ago
Can you spot the incredibly camouflaged caterpillar in this picture?
view preview
1 2213 duddy 2 years ago
What did King Tut look like?
view preview
0 2307 duddy 2 years ago
The world’s first green helicopter
view preview
0 2937 duddy 2 years ago
Bluest park you'll ever see
view preview
0 2810 duddy 2 years ago
Remember Polaroid cameras?
view preview
0 3517 duddy 2 years ago
Butterfly emerging from a chrysalis
view preview
0 3425 duddy 2 years ago
Unworldly looking mushrooms
view preview
1 8705 duddy 2 years ago
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