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Subject Comments Views Author Date Written
Peacocks look even more awesome when they fly
view preview
0 4748 duddy 8 months ago
Super strange spider found off Antarctica
view preview
0 4263 duddy 8 months ago
How sleep affects memory
view preview
0 4423 duddy 9 months ago
How the Turing machine works
view preview
1 4018 duddy 9 months ago
Fluke surgery restores this lady's eyesight after 21 years of blindness
view preview
0 3686 duddy 9 months ago
Non-Newtonian fluids are no longer a mystery
view preview
0 2021 duddy 9 months ago
Swaddled infants are 1/3 more likely to die from SIDS
view preview
0 1079 duddy 9 months ago
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