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Being afraid of the dark is totally normal
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1 12712 duddy A year ago
Tricking your brain into thinking you're in a room full of sunlight
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0 15498 duddy A year ago
Religious children are meaner than non-religious children
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3 15241 duddy A year ago
42 Butterflies of North America
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0 11654 bio_man A year ago
The world's most vintage dress
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0 14109 duddy A year ago
Running reduces tumor size in mice by 50%
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0 10718 duddy A year ago
Here's what a magnetic field actually looks like
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0 7883 duddy A year ago
Ever seen an albino turtle? Check this out
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3 15647 duddy A year ago
This baby fish will grow up to be one of the fastest fish in the sea
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4 17130 duddy A year ago
Allergic to vibrations?
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1 15737 duddy A year ago
All trees, regardless of size, break once this wind speed is reached
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0 12291 duddy A year ago
Why do humans have chins?
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2 13492 duddy A year ago
Goat's milk, a cure for HIV?
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10 5861 duddy A year ago
Watch how the ancient Babylonians tracked Jupiter in the sky
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0 4905 bio_man A year ago
Schizophrenia may boil down to a specific gene, scientists find
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0 4045 bio_man A year ago
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