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Subject Comments Views Author Date Written
Cats don't have beaks!
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0 14218 duddy A year ago
Mind-blowing dragon illusion
view preview
0 2187 duddy A year ago
Caterpillar or a group of birds?
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1 12543 duddy 2 years ago
This optical illusion will make you feel hallucinogenic
view preview
0 6937 duddy 2 years ago
Can you spot the incredibly camouflaged caterpillar in this picture?
view preview
1 2213 duddy 2 years ago
The Schiller Effect makes stones seem to light up all on their own
view preview
0 4849 duddy 2 years ago
Shape-shifting metal
view preview
1 5511 duddy 2 years ago
Beautiful double red rainbow
view preview
0 4165 duddy 2 years ago
When sun-rays converge
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0 3221 duddy 2 years ago
Basketball illusion
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1 3370 bio_man 2 years ago
How many colours do you see?
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0 3114 duddy 2 years ago
Can you spot the human in this optical illusion?
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2 2001 duddy 2 years ago
Can you spot the snow leopard in this picture?
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1 1524 duddy 2 years ago
Try to decode the message below
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4 6177 duddy 3 years ago
Can you decode this? It might surprise you!
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1 8318 duddy 3 years ago
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