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An object of mass m is hanging by a string from the roof of an elevator. The elevator is moving up at a constant speed. What is the tension in the string?

▸ greater than mg

▸ less than mg

One study asked participants to keep track of their time in terms of billable hours and other participants were simply asked to keep track of their activities without any mention of billing.
  Research found that participants...
The urban popularity of basketball rests mostly on

▸ identification with professional teams.

▸ how well a city's professional team is doing.

▸ the playing experiences of the game by participants and their...
Based on the information in Clarissa's auto insurance application, her agent has assigned Clarissa to driver class 3 and placed her 5-year-old car in model class N. The state where she lives requires minimum liability coverage of 50/100/50, and she...
In Knee Play 1, __________.
  a) the chorus, organ, and spoken voices all develop in an uncoordinated way
  b) the spoken voices and chorus move in coordination, while the organ improvises
  c) all voices...
Which option is normally chosen when saving a webpage to be viewed on an Amazon Kindle tablet?
A) Web Page (*.htm; *.html)
B) Single File Web Page (*.mht; *.mhtml)
C) Webpage Template (*.htmt; *.htmtl)
D) Web Page, Filtered...
Writers of the 1950s ____ embraced a free-form style as well as sexual liberation, Eastern religious mysticism, and extreme experience that was later adopted by the 1960s ____.
  a. hippies; Beat Generation
A child is struggling academically in all classes and not responding to interventions. It is decided that a qualified assessor will give the child an assessment to determine academic progress. What can these results be used for?
Contaminants in the water table may do all of the following except
A) sink below the level of the water.
B) float on top of the level of the water.
C) disappear.
D) precipitate.
If a used car retailer offers a financing plan on a $10,500 purchase requiring twelve equal monthly payments of $900 including the first payment on the purchase date, what effective rate of interest is being charged on the unpaid balance?
If you save $250 at the beginning of every month how long will it take to accumulate $250,000 at a rate of 9% compounded monthly?

▸ 286 months

▸ 551 months

▸ 99 months

▸ 376 months

Which argument best represents future trends in cohabitation?
  a) Cohabitation will increase because it is more accepted by all ages because young people may avoid marriage because they are still not doing well financially....
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