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The current credit balance in allowance for doubtful accounts is $150. Management estimates that 2.5% of net credit sales of $105,000 will be uncollectible. Based on the foregoing data, what is the bad-debt expense balance on the income statement?
Which of these is an accurate assessment of Texas's water needs for the coming years?
  a. In the 2012 State Water Plan, the Water Development Board recommended that Texas construct new water projects to be able to supply...
Colin is indifferent to the outcome of a conflict he is experiencing with an employee he manages. He is much more concerned about fostering a good relationship with her.
  Let her win this one, he says to himself. Colin is...
Joe made an offer to sell his car to Harry, promising to keep the offer open for a week. However, he changed his mind, sold the car to someone else, and phoned Harry to inform him that he was withdrawing the offer because he had sold the car to...
Which of the following names is paired with an incorrect formula?
A) copper(II) phosphide - Cu3P2
B) lithium bromide - LiBr
C) iron(III) chloride - FeCl3
D) copper(II) oxide - Cu2O

To dream of equal rights was, for Nietzsche, a sign of
  a. wisdom
  b. poverty
  c. fear
  d. shallow-mindedness
Troma Inc., is a famous manufacturer of cookware, that follows a traditional distributor-retailer system to distribute its products. The company abstains from the use of automated supply chain management (SCM) system mainly due to the fear of...
Alex borrowed $7500 to buy a car. If interest is charged on a loan at 8.5%, how much interest would he have to pay in 120 days.
#19. In cattle, the polled, or hornless, trait (P) is dominant over the horned trait (p).
In an ideal cattle population exhibiting Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium, 23 out of every 125 calves are horned. Calculate the frequency of the recessive...
Learning theorists’ claim that language is learned strictly through imitation and reinforcement has been challenged by other theorists who propose that an inborn mechanism helps children learn grammar. Give an example of a language phenomenon that...
Albert uses as his unit of length (for walking to visit his neighbors or plowing his fields) the albert (A), the distance Albert can throw a small rock.  One albert is 92 meters.  How many square alberts is equal to one acre? (1 acre =...
Technician A asks the service consultant to clarify unclear items on the work order. Technician B sticks to the "three Cs" when communicating with the customer. Which technician is correct?
A) Technician A      B)...
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