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The Cistercians can be seen as a(n) ________ of Benedictine monasticism.
A) new direction
B) rejection
C) assault on
D) exaggerated form
The Cistercians were established when________.
A) a group of Franciscan monks visited the cathedral of Cîteaux
B) a group of Dominican monks left the monastery at Cluny
C) a group of Benedictine monks moved to an isolated area
Frederick I was ruler of ________.
A) the Holy Roman Empire
B) France
C) Sweden
D) Britain
About what percent of Europeans were literate in 1050?
A) 0 to 1 percent
B) 10 to 20 percent
C) 30 to 40 percent
D) 50 to 60 percent
Averroës was important for Christian intellectuals because he _______.
A) attempted to reconcile faith and reason
B) translated the Bible into English
C) worked in Córdoba
D) reconciled Judaism and Christianity
Which of the following antihistamines does not cause drowsiness?
A) Diphenhydramine
B) Clemastine
C) Desloratadine
D) Fexofenadine
Which of the following is a Schedule II controlled substance?
 A) heroin
  B) morphine
  C) phenobarbital
  D) small amounts of codeine in cough preparations
Which of the following is NOT a factor in slower drug absorption in the geriatric patient?
A) Decrease in intestinal blood flow
B) Reduced gastric mobility
C) Reduced stomach acid
D) Increased intestinal surface area
Which of the following is only performed by a pharmacist and not a pharmacy technician?
A) Medication labeling
B) Maintaining patient profiles
C) Monitoring drug regimens
D) Packaging unit–dose medications
Which of the following is the health insurance program for persons 65 or older and for people with end-stage renal disease?
B) Medicare
C) Worker's compensation
D) Medicaid
Which of the following means a drug that helps to relieve pain?
A) Analgesic
B) Antipyretic
C) Anti-inflammatory
D) Antihistamine
Which route of administration is abbreviated PO?
A) Transdermal
B) Parenteral
C) Oral
D) Rectal
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