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Topic: Effect of Exercise on Arterial Pressure and Vascular Resistance
1.   Exercise will cause MAP to
2.   Exercise will cause systemic vascular resistance to
3.   Exercise...
Cells called ________ survey our bodies and gobble up bacteria and wounded and dead cells.
  A) natural killer cells
  B) macrophages
  C) neutrophils
  D) lymphocytes

Which disease causes the lymph nodes and tonsils to become enlarged?
A) Mononucleosis
B) Lyme disease
C) Meningitis
D) Pneumonia
Checking your body for ________ after a hike in the woods is the best way to prevent Lyme disease.
In 1980, more than 800 people developed toxic shock syndrome, and 38 died from it. This outbreak was linked to
A) the use of a highly absorbent tampon.
B) wrestling mats that were not adequately sanitized.
C) contaminated beef used by...
All of the following may raise a woman's risk of contracting PID except
A) having a pelvic exam.
B) douching.
C) having an IUD inserted.
D) having multiple sex partners.
All of the following are reasons for using the term sexually transmitted infection EXCEPT
  A) some people infected with STIs may not immediately develop any apparent health problems.
  B) the person who contracts the...
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of adult mortality in the United States, causing more than
A) 2 in 10 deaths.
B) 3 in 10 deaths.
C) 4 in 10 deaths.
D) 5 in 10 deaths.
Rhinoviruses typically cause
A) colds.
B) herpes sores.
C) tuberculosis.
D) genital warts.
Malaria is typically transmitted through the bites of infected ________.
Which type of blood cell is NOT produced from myeloid stem cells?
  a. basophils
  b. B lymphocytes
  c. eosinophils
  d. erythrocytes
  e. neutrophils

Which sexually transmitted infection can cause cancer?
A) Syphilis
B) Human papillomavirus
C) Gonorrhea
D) Chlamydia
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