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Gordon Company has the following data available:

TransactionUnits PurchasedUnit CostUnits Sold
Beginning Inventory  300  $20
March 1 Purchase200$12
April 25 Sale340
June 10 Purchase  360  $14
Sikich Company has the following data available:

TransactionUnits PurchasedUnit CostUnits Sold
Beginning Inventory650$20
Oct. 1 Purchase   325    31
Oct. 10 Sale425
Oct. 14 Purchase   450  ...
R.E.M. came into the pop mainstream through
a.   college rock channels.
b.   mainstream media attention.
c.   major label support.
d.   promotional stunts.
U2 established a socially aware identity through
a.   participation in public demonstrations.
b.   an ad campaign with Guinness beer.
c.   appearances in cause-themed tours.
Alternative bands built their fan base through
a.   the distribution efforts of major labels.
b.   persistent touring.
c.   focused ad campaigns.
d.   manufactured media...
Which band pioneered the low-fi slacker sound that became popular in the 1990s?
a.   Oasis
b.   Blur
c.   Pavement
d.   Mellow Gold
The independent label near Seattle that was instrumental in the success of the first grunge bands was
a.   Anathema.
b.   Sub Pop.
c.   SST.
d.   Anemic.
British alternative artist with a strong literary-based approach:
a.   Replacements
b.   David Gilmour
c.   Emily Bronte
d.   Kate Bush
In the 1980s, consumers of alternative music wanted to
a.   isolate their culture from the mainstream.
b.   join the pop music mainstream.
c.   recapture the integrity and awareness of the...
Black Flag’s brand of hardcore was a variation on
a.   British punk.
b.   straightedge.
c.   grunge.
d.   heavy metal.
Fugazi added a new element to the hardcore scene:
a.   stage diving.
b.   slam-dancing.
c.   a political conscience.
d.   self-mutilation.
Minor Threat released records on their own label,
a.   SST.
b.   Minor Threat Records.
c.   Fugazi Records.
d.   Dischord Records.
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