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All of the following patterns of behavior signal problems in preschool EXCEPT

• grabbing, kicking, and screaming to get one's way.

• frequent conflicts and aloofness from others.

• infrequent outbursts, but with...
Each of the following statements regarding the need to balance behavioral control with academic and social learning is true EXCEPT

• Too often, the focus is on academic instruction at the expense of social learning and student...
Children and youths with learning disabilities comprise about half of all students who receive special education.

• true

• false
The vast majority of children with learning disabilities develop social-emotional problems.

• true

• false
Response to intervention is the federally preferred method of identifying learning disabilities.

• true

• false
Most children with learning disabilities outgrow their disabilities as adults.

• true

• false
The resource room is the most popular placement for students with learning disabilities.

• true

• false
Many different kinds of disabilities are more prevalent in males than in females.

• true

• false
All of the following are examples of behavioral inhibition EXCEPT

• the ability to wait one's turn.

• refraining from interrupting in conversations.

• working for immediate gratification or short-term...
Many students with learning disabilities have problems with attention, and there is an overlap of 10% to 25% between learning disabilities and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

• true

• false
Several major professional and parent organizations have developed position papers against placing students with learning disabilities in full-inclusion programs.

• true

• false
The basal ganglia and cerebellum are responsible for

• regulating one's own behavior.

• executive functioning.

• coordination and control of motor behavior.

• communication between the hemispheres...
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