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When should you state your thesis in a persuasive speech?
a. It should be the first sentence in your speech.
b. It should be stated early in the speech.
c. It should follow the first main point.
d. It should begin the conclusion.
What is the advantage of using a thesis statement like, Going abroad one semester will be an adventure, a cultural learning experience, and a unique educational opportunity.
a. It previews the main points of your speech.
b. It holds the...
Which of these statements describes a thesis?
a. what you want your audience to get out of your speech
b. the aim of your speech put in concrete, specific terms
c. the overall aim of your speech, such as to inform
d. the change...
What is wrong with this specific purpose? To inform my audience about dog breeds.
a. It is too specific.
b. It is too personal.
c. It is too broad.
d. It wont interest the audience.
To persuade listeners to use active listening more often. is an example of
a. a thesis.
b. a general purpose.
c. a specific purpose.
d. a theme.
In his speech, Zach wanted to convince his classmates to volunteer in their communities. What kind of speech was Zach giving?
a. informative
b. persuasive
c. entertainment
d. special occasion
A woman interested in real estate is working on a speech describing The Five Steps to Buying Your Dream House. She is planning
a.a ceremonial speech.
b.a persuasive speech.
c.an informative speech.
d.a special occasion speech.
A patient who is ________ (adjective form) has asthma.
As a result of friction between internal parts of an isolated system
 a. the total mechanical energy of the system increases.
  b. the total mechanical energy of the system decreases.
  c. the total mechanical energy of...
Beginning with the 2000 model year, enhanced EVAP systems were introduced that can detect a leak as small as ________.
A) 0.040 in.      B) 0.002 in.      C) 0.020 in.       D) None of these
Senegal has a tea drinking ceremony in which the first cup has no sweetening, the second cup has a little sweetener, and the third cup has a lot of sweetener. This is to symbolize ______________.

▸ the riches of the country
List the factors change demand and shift the demand curve. Tell what happens to demand and the demand curve when there is an increase in the factor.
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