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Suppose that your public library charges a fixed monthly membership fee of $12. Members are allowed to check out as many books as they want under this plan. The average member checks out 4 books per month. Suppose that your public library changes its...
Employees are usually considered .
  A) a traditional public
  B) a nontraditional public
  C) an internal public
  D) A and B
  E) A and C
A group that can directly influence your organization's abilities to achieve its goals is known as
  A) a primary public
  B) an intervening public
  C) a latent public
  D) an aware public
A public in public relations is defined as .
  A) any group of people with more than one member
  B) any organized special interest group
  C) any group in which members have a chance of being selected for a...
According to Census Bureau estimates, what will be the largest minority group in the United States in 2020?
  A) Native Americans
  B) Hispanics/Latinos
  C) new immigrants from non-European nations
Doris Fleischman was the wife and influential business partner of .
  A) Ivy Ledbetter Lee
  B) George Parker
  C) George Creel
  D) Edward L. Bernays
  E) P.T. Barnum
Theodore Roosevelt is remembered for .
  A) his Declaration of Principles
  B) writing Crystallizing Public Opinion
  C) cultivating public opinion more than his predecessors
  D) inventing press...
The attempt to have a viewpoint accepted at the exclusion of all others is .
  A) publicity
  B) propaganda
  C) public information
  D) press agentry
  E) public relations
Decision-making based on research is known as a(n) approach.
  A) theoretical
  B) heuristic
  C) experiential
  D) cognitive
  E) foolhardy
Charles Darwin can be considered an armchair biologist because his theories are based on the fieldwork of other researchers.
  Indicate whether the statement is true or false.
Social-cognitive theorists emphasize the role of ______ and modeling in shaping personality.   
      a.   biological...
The use of governmental authority to control or change some practice in the private sector is called
A) regulation.
B) administrative discretion.
C) policy implementation.
D) socialism.
E) patronage.
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