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All of the following are complications of diabetes mellitus except ________.
A) impotence
B) atherosclerosis
C) precocious puberty
D) diabetic retinopathy
As part of the endocrine system, the pancreas secretes three hormones directly into the blood. They are:
A) glucagon, insulin, and FSH.
B) FSH, LH, and insulin.
C) glucagon, insulin, and somatostatin.
D) somatostatin, glycogen,...
Postpartum hemorrhage is due to hyposecretion of ________.
A) oxytocin
B) melatonin
C) thyroid hormone
D) calcium
A lobectomy is a surgical procedure performed on the:
A) ovary.
B) pineal gland.
C) thyroid gland.
D) pancreas.
The abbreviation GH means:
A) glycohemoglobin.
B) gestational hyperglycemia.
C) gonadotropins.
D) growth hormone.
Severe hypothyroidism in adults is known as:
A) acromegaly.
B) Graves’ disease.
C) myxedema.
D) Cushing’s syndrome.
A neurotransmitter of the sympathetic division of the nervous system that increases the heart rate and blood pressure to fight or run from danger  is called:
A) epinephrine.
B) aldosterone.
C) melatonin.
D) prolactin.
Which of the following is true of antidiuretic hormone (ADH)?
A) It is produced by the hypothalamus.
B) It is stored and released by the posterior pituitary gland.
C) It decreases urine output and keeps the blood pressure at a normal...
Which condition often contributes to the onset of type 2 diabetes mellitus?
A) infertility
B) skeletal muscle weakness
C) vision changes
D) obesity
Hyposecretion of antidiuretic hormone results in:
A) hypoglycemia.
B) diabetes insipidus.
C) diabetes mellitus.
D) panhypopituitarism.
The pituitary gland has two main parts, the adenohypophysis and the:
A) posterior pituitary gland.
B) anterior pituitary gland.
C) thymus.
D) thyroid.
The combining form thym/o- means:
A) endocrine.
B) hormone.
C) thymus.
D) thyroid.
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