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A 79-year-old patient is taking a diuretic for treatment of hypertension. This patient is very independent and wants to continue to live at home. The nurse will know that which teaching point is important for this patient?

▸ He should take the diuretic with his evening meal.

▸ He should skip the diuretic dose if he plans to leave the house.

▸ If he feels dizzy while on this medication, he needs to stop taking it and take potassium supplements instead.

▸ He needs to take extra precautions when standing up because of possible orthostatic hypotension and resulting injury from falls.
__________ found that normal people will often follow orders to hurt innocent people.

▸ Solomon Asch

▸ Kurt Lewin

▸ Carolyn Sherif

▸ Stanley Milgram
The nurse is administering drugs to neonates and will consider which factor may contribute the most to drug toxicity?

▸ The lungs are immature.

▸ The kidneys are small.

▸ The liver is not fully developed.

▸ Excretion of the drug occurs quickly.
Discuss each of the four business functions that comprise the acquisition and payment cycle.
When selecting a sample size for substantive tests of balances which factor, other factors being equal, would result in a larger sample?

▸ a decrease in the tolerable misstatement

▸ small expected misstatements

▸ an increase in the tolerable misstatement

▸ an increase in the acceptable risk of incorrect acceptance
For which of the following audit procedures would audit sampling not be appropriate?

▸ Review sales transactions for large and unusual amounts.

▸ Examine a sample of duplicate sales invoices for credit approval.

▸ Compare the quantity on duplicate sales invoices with the quantity on related shipping documents.

▸ Audit sampling is appropriate for each of these procedures.
The auditor performs tests of controls and substantive procedures to obtain assurance that all audit objectives are achieved for information and amounts included in those disclosures.

▸ true

▸ false
Briefly explain each management assertion related to account balances at period end.
Which of the following would most likely be deemed a direct effect illegal act?

▸ violation of federal employment laws

▸ violation of federal environmental regulations

▸ violation of federal income tax laws

▸ violation of civil rights laws
In the 1400s, which of the following people was most likely to be literate?

Jim Sweeney, a textile artisan

Thaddeus Bennett, a priest

Jonathan Williams, a wealthy landowner

Timothy Phillips, a rich mercantilist
While Canada's abortion rate has been declining over time it still remains above the worldwide average.

▸ true

▸ false
In the event of marital breakdown, the precise definition of what constitutes a family asset varies and creates inconsistencies across jurisdictions.

▸ true

▸ false
Which term refers to acts of deviance that are widely believed to be harmful to everyone?

social deviations

social diversions

conflict crimes

consensus crimes
What is recombinant DNA? What risks and benefits can arise from this scientific discovery?
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