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Use the following to answer the questions below:

A certain species of tree has an average life span of 130 years. A researcher has noticed a large number of trees of this species washing up along a beach as driftwood. She takes core samples from 27 of those trees to count the number of rings and measure the widths of the rings. Counting the rings allows the researcher to determine the age of each tree. The average age of the trees in the sample is approximately 120 years. One of her interests is determining if this sample provides evidence that the average age of the driftwood is less than the 130 year life span expected for this type of tree. If the average age is less than 130 years it might suggest that the trees have died from unusual causes, such as invasive beetles or logging.

Describe how you would generate a single randomization sample in this situation, and identify the statistic you would calculate for each sample.
Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data

Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data

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