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CMRJ 205-Rape&Sexual Violence/ Final Exam-Help please
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For a more comfortable homework help experience, try
[1.)Discuss the significance of a sexual battery kit and what evidential value it may have to prove an assault?

2.) Explain the difference between obscenity and pornography. Considering child and adult pornography state the cases both for and against the belief that viewing

3.) Discuss the various types of rapists. Which strategies for rehabilitation should be undertaken for the various types of rapists?

4.) Discuss the ways in which race can be a factor in both becoming a victim of perpetrating sexual violence.

5.) Describe three of the methods that can be used by the legal system to reject sexual assault cases and discredit victims allegations of sexual assault.

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Reply# 1
A year ago

Do anyone have CHFD220 Week 3 Quiz if so share it with me.

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Reply# 2
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A year ago

Sorry it took so long to respond....for some reason the websites messages were going to my spam mail....will you send me a personal message with your email and I will send u the answers

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