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The Medieval Church How did the Roman Catholic Church enforce religious conformity in the Middle Ages? •Define excommunication, interdict, and heresy. •What was the Inquisition? Why was it established? Sin and Salvation The Roman Catholic church was a political institution (pg 148) Excommunication- exclusion from sacraments Interdict- excommunication of an entire city or state Heresy- denial of revealed truths of the Christian faith Inquisition was a special court established to stamp out heresy Pg 149- sin and salvation What are the seven sacraments? Pg 149 (first paragraph) How significant were the clergy with regard to these seven? The cleregy held a monopoly on personal salvation since only church officials could administer the sacrements What is purgatory? The Literature of Mysticism •What is mysticism? You can do additional research if the textbook does not make it clear. Purgatory is the place of purification of sins Mysticism is (pg 149 right side) Who was Hildegard of Bingen? Read the excerpt from her work on pg. 146. Saint Francis: Medieval Humanist One of the first create Christian mystics What can you say about his life and religious path? She followed god Why was he known as a “missionary to all of God’s creatures”? Pg 151 What is the “stigmata”? The physical marks of the crucifixion   Medieval Towns How did towns come into being in the Middle Ages? Increased agricultural production and the reopening of trade routes, merchants engaged in commercial enterprises promoting the growth of local markets Who founded these towns? The middle class What are guilds? Group formed by merchants and craftsman for the mutual protection of buyers by regulating prices, fixing wages, establishing standards of quality in the production of goods, and provided training for newcomers in each profession How were they similar to ancient Greek city-states? Dante’s Divine Comedy They became self governing Who was Dante and when did he live? Dante was a Florentine poet and lived 1265-1321 Why is the Divine Comedy a landmark work of the Middle Ages? The structure of the poem reflects the medieval views of nature as the mirror of God’s Plan, while the content of the poem provides invaluable picture of the ethical, political, and theological concerns of Dante’s own time Elaborate on some of the symbolic elements in the epic poem as described in your textbook. Pg 153 Read the excerpt from the Divine Comedy. Look closely at the Plan of Dante’s Inferno (Figure 6.7), and Figure 6.8. Pg 155   The Gothic Cathedral Where and when did the Gothic style first emerge? Born in northern France and spread through medieval Europe between 1170 to 1270 What purpose did the Gothic cathedral serve? Burial place for French kings and queens Who was abbot Suger and what is his significance in terms of Gothic architecture? Pg 142 What are the main architectural features of the Gothic style? Pointed arch, rib vault, and stained-glass How did Suger interpret stained glass? •How did the pointed arch (as opposed to a round arch) impact Gothic structures? See Figure 6.19 on pg. 162. Chartres Cathedral: Gothic Landmark - Look closely at all the images from the Chartes Cathedral in your textbook. Interpreted it as a medium that filtered the light of divine truth Gothic structures could be taller Why is the Chartres Cathedral considered the site of a miraculous event? All features of gothic style came together there Why is it called a “bible in stone”? •What are some of its main architectural features? It showed the story of Christian faith Features pg. 166 Note the gargoyles

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