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Why Men’s Shirt Buttons Are On The Right While Women’s On The Left
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Amazing! Why Men’s Shirt Buttons Are On The Right While Women’s On The Left

Ever wondered or even noticed that why there is a different placement of buttons on men’s and woman’s shirt. The theory behind this is intruging and you would love to know that history is everywhere in the creation.

A scheme of Napolean

Napolean’s portraits usually had his right hand tucked into the coat which was possible if the buttoning was from left to right. But, the women had also started mocking and mimicking him, sticking their hands the same way. Thus, he gave an order to have buttons on opposite side of all women’s clothing.

Women Dressed By Servants.

In the days of the yore, rich women had servants to dress them up while men dressed themselves. And since servants were right handed, it was easier to shut the buttons if they were on the left. Seriously? How tough would it had been otherwise?!

Women rode sidesaddle on the horse while men sat astride.

Men sat astride and usually rode on the left side of the road as they needed right hand to hold swords the left side had to overlap the right while drawing them in order to avoid hilt of the sword from getting stuck in the coat or shirt. Imagine, if the sword got stuck and they tore their shirts first? Women, on the other hand, sat sidesaddle to the left and buttoning on the left did not let any wind enter into their shirts.

It is also said that since women had to handle babies; giving the right hand dominance, women held babies in left hand, keeping the right one free. So shirts whose open flap is on the right, makes it easier for them to open with their free hand for breastfeeding.
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3 months ago
i didn't notice that 😲
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