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You are more likely to see "XXX XXX XXX" as three groups of three X's than one group of nine X's. This example illustrates which of the following Gestalt principles?

▸ Nearness

▸ Similarity

▸ Closure

▸ Continuity
Design a fictitious experiment, making sure to include the independent and dependent variables (and their operational definitions), the ways you would assign people to your experimental and control groups, the potential extraneous variables you would control for, and the ways you would ensure that the research was not influenced by different types of bias.
Which of the following is not a purpose of a program audit as performed by government auditors?

▸ determination of the extent to which the desired results established by the legislature are being achieved

▸ determination of the causes of inefficiencies in sponsored programs

▸ determination of the effectiveness of organizations, programs, activities, or functions

▸ determination as to whether the entity has complied with laws and regulations applicable to the program
When auditing financial instruments, the most difficult objective to test is existence.

▸ true

▸ false
A detailed reconciliation of the information on the payroll tax forms and the payroll records must be prepared as part of the test of controls over the payroll cycle.

▸ true

▸ false
Auditors use trends in the accounts receivable turnover ratio to assess the reasonableness of the company's credit policies.

▸ true

▸ false
PCAOB audit report requirements require the auditor to include the auditor's signature, tenure, city and state where the audit firm is located, as well as the audit report date.

▸ true

▸ false
Despite improvements in recent decades, according to the text, what do feminists and people of colour continue to criticize mainstream media for?


too-broad portrayals

overrepresentation of poor people as criminals or insane

underrepresentation of males in children's shows
Identify and discuss the two main factors that underlie bureaucratic inefficiency.
What is the most important consequence of common experiences of a generation?

diverse identities

common identity

diverse rites of passage

common rites of passage
The nurse enters a client's room with a suspected head injury in preparation for completing a neurological assessment that includes a Glasgow Coma Score (GCS). Upon entering the room and turning on a light, the nurse notes that the client doesn't open his eyes immediately. Which is the nurse's next action?

▸ Complete the client's vital signs and recheck the client in 30 minutes.

▸ Gently touch the client's arm to see if the client spontaneously awakens.

▸ Turn the light off, leave the room, and document that the client is sleeping.

▸ Vigorously rub the client's sternum to determine if the client responds to painful stimuli.
The "rock" we know as coral is actually ________.

▸ a plant

▸ an animal

▸ a cross between a plant and an animal

▸ an igneous rock

▸ waste material from animals
Which of the below is not found in loess?

▸ Jointlike vertical cleavage planes

▸ Large amounts of sand

▸ Angular individual grains

▸ A buff coloration

▸ Uniformly-sized fine grain particles
Consider "All daffodils are flowers. Thus, some flowers are daffodils. Determine whether this immediate inference is drawn by

▸ conversion

▸ obversion

▸ contraposition
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