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If the Fed buys bonds from a private bank, ________.

▸ the Fed's total liabilities will remain unaffected

▸ the Fed's total assets will remain unaffected

▸ the private bank's total assets will increase

▸ the private bank's composition of assets will change
A week ago in History (Humanities)

The stage was set for a cataclysmic shift in the course of history when

Europeans increasingly demanded less expensive goods from Asia.

Africa was established as a source of slave labor.

the Portuguese demonstrated the feasibility of long-range ocean navigation.

the Renaissance nurtured a spirit of optimism and adventure.

All of these

Marginal Utility per Dollar

At Marcia's consumer equilibrium, she purchases 1 diamond and 5,840 bottles of water a year. If the price of diamonds is $7000 and the price of water is $0.75 and the total utility from purchasing one diamond is 11,840, what is the marginal utility Marcia receives from the 5,840th bottle of water? Please round your final answer to two decimal places.

▸ 11,840

▸ 1.27

▸ 7416.8

▸ 0.44
Producer Surplus and the Supply Curve

Suppose the equation for the supply curve is P = 6 + 0.25Qs. What is producer surplus when P=$13.50?

▸ $202.50

▸ $112.50

▸ $405.00

▸ $225.00

The Dicer protein has which of the following properties?

▸ N-terminal helicase and an internal endonuclease domain

▸ N-terminal helicase and two endonuclease domains

▸ N-terminal DNA polymerase and an exonuclease domain

▸ N-terminal DNA polymerase and two exonuclease domains

▸ N-terminal topoisomerase and an internal endonuclease domain
Any policy designed to benefit domestic industries at the expense of foreign export industries is called

▸ cartelization.

▸ predatory practice.

▸ protection.

▸ monopolization.

▸ commercialization.
Consider the sources of the gains from international trade. Economies of scale and product differentiation can provide an explanation for

▸ the imposition of trade barriers.

▸ absolute advantage.

▸ countries trading in completely different products.

▸ intra-industry trade.

▸ countries remaining at their autarkic positions.
Suppose Spain is currently producing 90 units of wine and 10 units of cheese, but to produce 10 more units of cheese it must sacrifice 30 units of wine. Further, suppose that Portugal produces 45 units of wine and 45 units of cheese, but to produce 10 more units of cheese it must sacrifice only 10 units of wine. It can be concluded that

▸ Spain has a comparative advantage in the production of wine and Portugal has a comparative advantage in the production of cheese.

▸ Spain has an absolute advantage in both wine and cheese production.

▸ Portugal has an absolute advantage in wine production and Spain has an absolute advantage in cheese production.

▸ Portugal has an absolute advantage in both wine and cheese production.

▸ more information is needed to conclude anything about comparative advantage in either country.
A good example of a product that is both non-excludable and non-rivalrous is

▸ public information.

▸ electricity.

▸ food.

▸ grazing land.

▸ natural gas.
Your food-services company has been named as the monopoly provider of meals at a small university. The cost and demand schedules are:

Sold per DayPrice per Meal
Total Cost
Total Revenue
   06.00  500      0
1005.50  550  550
2005.00  6001000
3004.50  6751350
4004.00  8001600
5003.50  9501750

TABLE 10-2

Refer to Table 10-2. Assuming this firm is a single-price monopolist, what is the marginal revenue of an additional meal sold when output is between 100 and 200 meals per day?

▸ $4.50

▸ $4.00

▸ $5.50

▸ $0.50

▸ -$0.50
An index number expresses the value of a variable in any given period

▸ as a weighted average.

▸ as an absolute compared to the base period.

▸ as an average of its value in the base period.

▸ as a proportional weighted average.

▸ as a percentage of its value in the base period.
Dr. Shedrika uses a form of therapy that emphasizes revealing his clients' unconscious conflicts, urges, and desires, which he believes are the cause of his clients' disordered emotions and behavior. This therapist is most likely using __________.

▸ behavior therapy

▸ psychoanalysis

▸ Gestalt therapy

▸ systematic desensitization
Discuss what an "enriched environment" would look like for a child who is getting ready to go to school, and comment on how the presence or absence of such a setting might impact the likelihood that a child would develop a learning disorder.
Even though Irma woke up late and ate breakfast at 10 a.m., when she looked at the clock at noon, she decided she felt hungry and wanted to each lunch. In this example, the conditioned response is __________.

▸ the act of eating breakfast

▸ the act of eating lunch

▸ counting the number of hours since breakfast

▸ watching the clock
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