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3 years ago in Legal Studies (Humanities)
When people bond together with a positive attitude about their residential environment to discourage crime, this is known as ________.
A) negative reinforcement      B) community limitations
C) motivation reinforcement      D) activity support
3 years ago in Legal Studies (Humanities)
Which of the following programs served as a model for the Gang Resistance Education and
Training Program?
A) Alcoholics Anonymous      B) Lighthouse
C) PATH      D) DARE
3 years ago in Legal Studies (Humanities)
Researchers find that children born to teenage mothers are at a higher risk of ________.
A) becoming wealthy      B) getting cancer
C) growing taller      D) becoming delinquent
When the economy is at an above full-employment equilibrium, ________.
A) nominal GDP exceeds real GDP
B) an inflationary gap exists
C) a recessionary gap exists
D) real GDP is less than potential GDP
If the expected future inflation rate decreases, then
A) aggregate demand increases.
B) short-run aggregate supply increases.
C) aggregate demand decreases.
D) long-run aggregate supply decreases.
If U.S. net exports are positive
A) other countries borrow from the United States to pay for some of the goods they purchase from the United States.
B) other countries make loans to the United States so that the United States can pay for some of the goods it purchases from other countries.
C) the United States sells some of the assets it owns in other countries to pay for some of the goods it sells to other countries.
D) the United States borrows from other countries to pay for some of the goods the United States purchases from them.
If the People's Bank of China adopted a flexible exchange rate policy
A) the U.S. dollar would depreciate.
B) the U.S. dollar would appreciate.
C) the yuan would depreciate.
D) the yuan-U.S. dollar exchange rate would rise.
Currency outside of banks increases from $100 million to $200 million. This change is considered
A) a currency drain.
B) a decrease in the monetary base.
C) expansionary monetary policy.
D) contractionary monetary policy.
Which of the following is a liability on the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve System?
A) currency
B) U.S. government securities
C) mortgage-backed securities
D) None of the above are correct because they are all assets of the Federal Reserve.
Members of the Federal Reserve System's Board of Governors
A) are elected for life.
B) hold 14-year staggered terms.
C) are a special subcommittee of the Senate.
D) are elected at large by district banks.
To achieve faster growth, economies can increase income tax rates in order to increase saving rates.
Which of the following does NOT increase labor productivity?
A) increases in aggregate hours
B) physical capital growth
C) human capital growth
D) technological advances
Labor growth depends mainly on ________ and labor productivity growth depends mainly on ________.
A) population growth; increases in real GDP
B) population growth; technological advances
C) growth in real GDP per person; growth rate of capital
D) growth in real GDP per person; technological advances
The U.S. employment-to-population ratio peaked in 2000 and in 2012 fell to 58 percent, a level not seen since the early 1980s. This fall in the employment-to-population ratio ________ the equilibrium quantity of labor and ________ potential GDP.
A) increases; increases
B) increases; decreases
C) decreases; increases
D) decreases; decreases
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