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3 years ago in Legal Studies (Humanities)
Due process advocates place greater emphasis on legal guilt (whether a person is guilty according to the law) than on factual guilt (whether a person actually committed the crime with which she or he is charged). Crime control advocates take a serious interest in this country in controlling crime and are tolerant of the police doing whatever it takes to keep criminals off the streets. The Supreme Court has taken action to protect citizens' rights by not allowing any illegally obtained evidence to be used in a court trial against the accused.
This rule of law, called the "exclusionary rule," has resulted in dangerous criminals being released into the community due to inappropriate actions by the police. Do you feel this is the right way to deal with corrupt or poor police work? Do you have any other suggestions as to how to keep the guilty in jail and at the same time be treated fairly?
3 years ago in Legal Studies (Humanities)
Herbert Packer described two competing crime control policies as the crime control
perspective, and the ________.
A) due process perspective      B) value laden
C) operational perspective      D) assembly-line perspective
People expect that the El Nio effect will cause drought in Australia in coming years. If most Australian firms expect their profits will fall during the next five years, Australia's ________ this year.
A) aggregate demand will increase
B) long-run aggregate supply will increase
C) aggregate demand will decrease
D) short-run aggregate supply will increase
When the quantity of capital increases, then the
A) LAS curve shifts rightward and the SAS curve does not shift.
B) SAS curve shifts rightward and the LAS curve does not shift.
C) SAS curve shifts rightward and the LAS curve shifts rightward.
D) SAS curve shifts rightward and the LAS curve does shifts leftward.
If the Fed wants to depreciate the dollar against the yen, the Fed will
A) increase the supply of dollars by selling yen.
B) increase the demand for dollars by selling yen.
C) decrease the supply of dollars by selling yen.
D) increase the supply of dollars by buying yen.
When a government has a budget surplus, the surplus
A) helps finance investment.
B) crowds-out private saving.
C) must be subtracted from private saving to get total saving.
D) increases the world real interest rate.
The demand for loanable funds curve shows that as the ________ interest rate increases, there will be ________ the curve.
A) nominal; a rightward shift in
B) real; a rightward shift in
C) nominal; movement down along
D) real; movement up along.
Dividing the value of real GDP by aggregate labor hours gives
A) the net domestic product.
B) labor productivity.
C) the size of the labor force.
D) the rate of capital accumulation.
Which of the following statements about the effect of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) on the brain is most accurate?
a)  CBT can change brain function, and that change is correlated with improved symptoms.
b)  CBT has no effect on brain function.
c)  CBT can change brain function, but only in the temporal lobe.
d)  CBT can change brain structure but not brain function.
Which of the following people is most likely to show a genetic vulnerability to developing schizophrenia?
a)  an identical twin of a person with schizophrenia
b)  the child of one schizophrenic parent
c)  a fraternal twin of a person with schizophrenia
d)  a sibling of a person with schizophrenia
Public health professionals who subscribe to the biological model or the learning model of addiction agree that former alcoholics cannot learn to drink moderately without becoming dependent on alcohol again.
[True or False?]
An effective way to cope with stress is to hoard support from others, and to remain solely focused on yourself.
[True or False?]
Research indicates that one of the strongest predictors of learning and accomplishment is __________.
a)  self-efficacy
b)  self-endowment
c)  self-avoidance
d)  self-feedback
Homosexuality has been documented only in humans and other primates.
[True or False?]
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