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3 years ago in Legal Studies (Humanities)
Selective incapacitation is an approach to America's crime problem that targets ________ offenders.
A) repeat      B) hopeful      C) first      D) young
3 years ago in Legal Studies (Humanities)
The time of day when certain crimes increase is called "crime peaks."
A) True
B) False
________ can intervene directly in the foreign exchange market by buying or selling dollars.
A) Congress
B) The Fed
C) The International Monetary Fund
D) The U.S. Treasury department
Suppose the current exchange rate between the euro and the United States dollar is 1.15 euros per dollar. If interest rates in the United States increase and interest rates in Europe remain unchanged then
A) the demand for dollars will increase.
B) the demand for dollars will decrease.
C) the demand for euros will increase.
D) None of the above answers is correct.
In the figure above, an increase in the monetary base would create a change such as a
A) movement from point a to point b along the supply of money curve MS0.
B) movement from point b to point a along the supply of money curve MS0.
C) shift from the supply of money curve MS0 to the supply of money curve MS1.
D) shift from the supply of money curve MS1 to the supply of money curve MS0.
The money multiplier determines how much
A) real GDP will be expanded given an increase in autonomous investment.
B) the monetary base will be expanded given a change in the quantity of money.
C) the quantity of money will be expanded given a change in the monetary base.
D) money demand will expand given a change in the quantity of money.
In November 2008, automobile executives from Ford, GM and Chrysler testified to Congress that their firms needed a $25 billion bailout to prevent bankruptcies. The executives stated that part of the cash would be used to re-design production lines. The $25 billion is ________ and the re-designed production lines are ________.
A) financial capital; physical capital
B) gross investment; physical capital
C) physical capital; financial capital
D) net investment; gross investment
An increase in saving that leads to more capital accumulation ________ labor productivity.
A) increases
B) does not change
C) decreases
D) probably changes but in an ambiguous direction
Episodes of posttraumatic stress disorder may recur for months, years, or even decades.
[True or False?]
According to the textbook's discussion of anxiety
a.panic attacks are called "the fear of fears" because people feel that they are dying. many situations it is sensible to feel anxiety, and in fact, this emotion is often adaptive.
c.posttraumatic stress disorder occurs within the first two days after a trauma. is unusual for a mentally healthy person to experience a panic attack.
Which of the following emotions does not have a universal facial expression?
a)  jealousy
b)  anger
c)  surprise
d)  disgust
Which of the following is a contemporary challenge to the three-box model of memory?
a)  parallel distributed processing model
b)  information-processing model
c)  mind-as-sieve hypothesis
d)  EbbinghausBartlett theory
A shortcoming of laboratory observation is that the presence of researchers may cause participants to behave differently than they would in their usual surroundings.
[True or False?]
The rarity of strategic alliances depends solely on the number of competing firms that have already implemented an alliance.
[True or False?]
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